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  • I donated to CookieSwap 1/2 years ago and have not heard from the developer since. Maybe somebody can adopt CookieSwap? It is open source.
  • I engaged one programmer to make the compatible cookieswap for firefox quantum. Should be done in 2 weeks :)
  • Thank you for awesome add on, i hope the quantum version will be available ,thanks alot
  • Probably one of the most important Firefox addons for users who love privacy in social networks using multiple accounts.

    We really need a compability upgrade for Firefox 57 please =/
  • This app is so good and I hope it will be updated soon to work on the new firexfox version too !
  • ok
  • https://addons.mozilla.org/ar/firefox/addon/multiple-accounts-to-any-websi/
  • Been using CookieSwap for 10 years and I have been holding myself from updating my firefox because I'm scared I won't be able to use this addons.. This gives me hope.. Thank you very much..
  • good
  • It's really awesome ,and it helped me so much. thank you for working on update this add-on
  • I love this addon, as I am managing a few websites for a multiple people, some on same site. And instead of login in and out, cookie swap has saved me alot of time. Please update it! Since I need it so badly, as miss it just as much. It's sad that there's no plugin like this one, so I really hope you will update this, to the newest firefox. Thank you!
    Thanks for the note, I'm working on an update but it may take some time...sorry!
  • better much more
  • Please can you update for compatible with firefox Quantum ?
    I'm working on an update but it may take some time. I'm shooting for an update in Jan.
  • Требуем обновления!!!))
  • Это лучший плагин из всех, но последнее обновление убило его, он теперь несовместим. Надеюсь разработчик выпустит новое. Только из-за него пользовался mozilla, больше в нем плюсов нет никаких.
  • i love it
  • I can't find my cookieswap
  • It seems that Firefox started to freeze often cause of this add-on. I love Cookie Swap. and if there is no way to resolve this issue. Anybody knows same extension for any browser.????
  • This was my single most wanted extensions that no longer works in the new Firefox.

    However the new Firefox has an even better extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/multi-account-containers/ (and https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/switch-container/).

    I do wish there was an easy way to migrate though...
  • cannot installed
  • Very useful add-ons. Actually i never use firefox if this addons doesnt exist. I handel multiple account in work and use this addons everyday.

    So sad now doesnt compatible with firefox 57. Hope they will fix this.
  • I reinstall my windows today and wanted install this ad-don, but I get this strange message... I tried 3 older versions of firefox, but still the same... What´s wrong?
  • Very useful extension.
    Do you plan to use WebExtensions in future releases?
  • This is an okay alternative to Multifox, however, if I want to have two Gmail accounts or Yahoo Mail tabs open, they keep refreshing to the same profile instead of separate profiles. I've tried adjusting settings - and nothing works. A little frustrating, but not as frustrating as needing to completely log out and back in, I guess.
  • This really is an excellent add-on to Firefox, to which it gives a fantastic identities management flexibility. Use it with e.g. TabGroups by Quicksilver and you offered yourself a powerfull multi-identities browser!

    Mozilla contributors are now ;) trying to implement such a fonctionnality with Containers and Context Plus.