Long-awaited update for FF4 - FF6 works great! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

HAIL, STEVE TINE, for developing CookieSwap and this update compatible for FF4 - FF6! I think I'm one of the first to have found and installed this update, so I'll be one of the first to say, "It works great!" Thank you to Steve Tine, the developer, for all his work in updating this indispensable Add-On! CookieSwap ranks right next to Adblock Plus on my list of top Add-Ons. I got so used to having it, that I resisted upgrading from FF3.6 until a compatible version of CookieSwap was available.

This is a MUST-HAVE Add-On for anyone who juggles both their work life and personal life on one computer. It makes switching from my professional email to my personal email a breeze. And if I'm ordering office supplies for my business and want to see if the automatic watering dish I ordered for my dog had been shipped yet (a real-life scenario from my exciting life...my dog drinks a lot of water!!), all it takes is a double-click of the mouse to switch from my business account to my personal account. (The watering dish went out yesterday, scheduled to arrive Thursday.) Then another double-click of the mouse, and I'm back to choosing between Steel Wire and Nylon Coated paper clips!

You'll probably never need to check on an automatic watering dish while ordering paper clips, but if you have more than one account on ANY website, CookieSwap will make switching between them quick, simple, and reliable.

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