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  • good
  • 很好”、“不错”或“不好用”。
    包含 HTML、链接、代码。得这个扩展很棒吧得这个扩展很棒吧得这个扩展很棒吧edddd
  • Nada no puedo hacer sesión con Deezer
  • nice
  • Pls update for new firefox!
    The best app to manage cookies
    I think you meant downgrade, not update.. because with new firefox there is no other way but down. Whatever cookies manager is available for new firefox is the best you ever going to get. I see no point dumb down this addon to the level of other cookie manager addons in order to make it compatible with new firefox (no offense to authors, it's not their fault).
  • Лучшее из того что было по куки. Сделайте для Quantum, пожалуйста)))
    The best of what was in the cookies. Do for Quantum, please)))
  • good
  • Not compatible with firefox Quantum.
    Please update 57+ !!
    Impossible without loosing 90% of current features. There are already several cookie managers that can do the other 10%.
  • This ia a fine add-on that works great with Pale Moon web browser. l

    Please keep this alive by hosting it at the Pale Moon Add-ons Site. Go ahead and get doen your to-do list! PM will be supporting XUL & bootstrap extensions indefinitely!
  • This addon has been a lifesaver, The ability to export and import cookies should be included with Firefox, which it isn't.

    Now Mozilla is thumbing its nose at wonderful developers after YEARS of their hard work. It's a shame that they have decided to hasten the death of a once great browser by dumbing it down and making it a virtual clone of Google Chrome. THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK ON THIS ADD-ON
  • Apparently this add-on won't work with Fx 57 and later. It's a shame how Mozilla keeps showing a total disrespect to add-on developers by making so much of their work go to waste...
    Unless mozilla leave extensions.legacy.enabled option (which still allows run legacy addons in FF58), I have no plans castrate this addon to make a pathetic WebExtension which only capable provide a fraction of features this addon currently has. You might as well just use built-in cookies manager. Or switch to Waterfox or Palemoon
  • This is the best Cookies Manager.
    When we'll have available for latest Firefox versión?
    It's very annoying work without this extension.

    Thanks! Regards,
    Sorry, never.
    Switch to Waterfox, it's author plead to continue support for legacy addons in the future.
  • Handy, works well, indispensable for developers. Really needs a one click delete all though.
  • I'm come to rely on this extension SO much, it really saddens we that Mozilla is dropping the API that made it possible. A MUST for devs and anyone privacy aware.
  • I open this thing and can't do a damn thing with it!
    Blank screen - no cookies displayed. Search doesn't work the only thing that brings up a cookie is if I choose the option to display a cookie for the site I'm visiting.
    Other than that it's completely useless - so is this a bug or a feature? I must be missing something but for the time being it's going.

    Edit: Where do I enter a bug report?
    Please submit bug report at https://github.com/vanowm/FirefoxCookiesManagerPlus/issues
  • When asked to delete cookies from a site AND to block future cookies from this site, the add-on fails: cookies are implanted time and again.
    Works as expected.
    If you feel there is an issue, submit it appropriately at support website or via email, not in review section.
    Thank you.

    Next version will block both http and https addresses.
  • Essentially essential.
  • Good extension, thank you!
  • very nice and helpful application!
    five starts!
  • I gave up on FFox a few years ago in the early days of PaleMoon.

    @ V@no ... a lot of PaleMooners would very much appreciate if you could include PaleMoon in the future of CM+

    Thank you for this brilliant addon :)
    Since Firefox 57 threatens remove support for XUL extensions, killing majority of it's addon's in the process (including CM+) and becoming pathetic Chrome clone, PaleMoon (and similar) could be the only browser CM+ will support in the future.
  • This message has been sent to the extensions's coder in last December and January 16th. No reply at all, I am uninstalling this extension and looking for another one.


    Using your extension, I have 2 problems:

    1- I am asked my master password when I open/close the CM window, or/and when I shutdown firefox EVEN if the "read only" features are not selected (none of the 3 options are checked).

    2- When I open the CM window, window is locked at a strange size: Very high (no size in fact, it is higher than FF window), I can resize it only horizontally but not vertically. Moreover the upper part when I can see cookies shows only 3 lines, I can not make it bigger (resizing does not work on the part).
    I tried changing the size in the JSON script, nothing changes.

    Pic: http://i65.tinypic.com/16blph4.jpg
    Sorry if you didn't receive my replies, I tried



    For the future, I'd recommend using support website, rather then emails.
  • Also the Dev listen/answer when users ask something :)
  • Great Addon
    This version is fast and without a freeze.
    but i think synchronize native cookies viewer window doesn't work
    You are correct, it doesn't work when opened from browser's options, however it works fine when opened from within CM+ window. Will be fixed in v12