excellent... but a question Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Excellent add !Use it since a few monthes...But I wonder if it would not be possible to implement another function :beeing able to kill different cookies (I mean from different sites) in the same time...The options killing all cookies... and all but... are very good, yes...But many times I'd like to kill only a few cookies,and it's a little hassle to click all time on the iconto delete not all but only the ones I want :-)For example, If I may say, in No Script add, this function is very pleasant to use :the windows remains open until I clik somewhere else.Well, hope you'll consider this suggestion,and even better that you'll be able to include it in a further version of your exellent add.

This is almost a 5 ***** add, but the little annoying thing I mentionned makes me say 4,5 **** :-)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (