9 reviews for this add-on
  • Great improvement in 2.0 version.

    EDIT: I suggest the click for open the panel instead mouse over because that is necessary for add-on info tooltip (like all extensions).

  • There is a rival add-on(CWWB) that clearly changes between green and red and I was hoping that this one would be similar because that one isn't available for Email.

    Although this one can pull up the cookie manager the fact that hitting the button doesn't easily change permissions or have a granny-proof color system shows that it isn't ready for prime time- at least yet.

    With maybe an update or two this could easily be a winner but those earlier 5 star reviews jumped the gun.

  • Gutes und sinnvolles AddOn!

  • Simple and clear.

  • One thing that I've always wanted in an extension like this is the ability to clear all cookies *except* for the current page domain. Handy for not being logged out of an email session... not sure if it could be implemented in this extension, though.

  • Works great with the latest stable firefox stable (8.0.1)

  • Finally an unobtrusive, small and simple add-on for handling cookies. This one is all I need.

    I use it in combination with
    - accept cookies
    - keep until I close Firefox
    - allow exceptions for chosen sites.


  • this is looking pretty good so far, but i think it could be easier to operate.

    i think the word "exception" is unnecessary in the menu items - seems easier to me to just have "allow", "block", etc.
    seems simpler to add "allow" and "allow session" directly to the menu rather than open an unneeded dialog.

    Cookie Monster is easy and offers better, more granular control - my only gripe with it is that the he has failed to add a toolbar icon thus far. i would suggest the dev for CookieFast check out CM if he/she hasn't already.

    i'll be keeping an eye on this though.

  • Finally! A fast, compact, small cookie manager. I'd say perfect if I didn't consider an option for removing session cookies as a whole was the only lack : I may wish to remove those cookies I've set for session only within the browsing session, otherwise I have to remove them manually, at this point.