Nice Little Helper Rated 5 out of 5 stars

CookieCuller is the only tool I know of that allows for managing individual cookies. Most cookie management tools provide only rules based on server addresses. In certain situations, a more fine-grained control is desired.

I agree to the criticism of some of the reviewers regarding the user interface. In the beginning, one must experiment a bit in order to establish the correct interplay between the cookie management of firefox and CookieCuller: I usually switch off all cookie deleting done by firefox and switch on 'Delete Unprotected Cookies on Startup' in Tools -> Add-ons -> CookieCuller -> Preferences. It would be very helpful if this important option could be moved to Tools -> CookieCuller. To avoid an unintentional loss of cookies in the beginning I suggest to shut down firefox and to make a backup copy of the file cookies.sqlite in one's firefox profile directory.

Another con is that CookieCuller deletes unwanted cookies only at the next start of firefox instead of deleting them at shut down.

Bottom line: Thanx for making available this nice little helper!