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  • Thank you, Nodetics, for this great add-on. I have a request, if you ever have the time, of course: have the options we see in the popup on the toolbar appear in Firefox context menu as well. Thank you!
  • Cookies exportados pelo Cookiebro no Firefox não podem ser importados pelo Cookiebro no Opera (Chrome).
    That's because WebKit based browsers such as Opera don't support "First Party Isolation" cookie option supported by Firefox. Thanks for the report though since this issue should be fixable and will be fixed in the next version.
  • Great extension! For me, this replaced the frustrating Cookie Autodelete. Superior features include: fine grained control, simple file format for saving/editing/restoring white list, built-in cookie editor, and much more.
  • La suppression de cookie est unitaire. Si un même site vous colle 20 cookies il faut effacer 20 fois de suite.
    That's false. If you need support, please contact nodetics@gmail.com. Reviews are not meant for support requests.
  • Doesn't "clean" cookies, it doesn't get rid of the ones you don't have whitelisted.

    Just test them out for a couple of days, and then check which cookies are stored in your browser, all the garbage is still there.
    If you have a problem, please contact us at nodetics@gmail.com - reviews are not meant for support requests.
  • This is a good cookie manager. The only issue I have is that even following the advice to enable blacklist *.* and then add trusted sites to whitelist, the unwanted cookies are still stored temporarily. They can be set to autodelete every minute, but is there any way to block them immediately so they are never stored at all?

    EDIT: Yes, but non-whitelisted cookies nonetheless appear under 'sites with unwanted cookies.'
    Do you have "Accept session cookies also from blacklisted sites" option enabled in Options?

    EDIT: Do you have "Enable blacklist filtering" checked in Options?
  • Excellent cookie manager with a good balance between functionality and friendliness. It could improve its UI a bit, for example, by grouping subdomains on its main domain, or filtering the search results instead of highlighting the results, but that doesn't affect my 5-star rating. Great extension, would install again.
  • Cool addon, but cookie search is a bit strange. It would be more logical to filter search results according to searched expression. If this functionality is added in the future, I will increase my rating :)
  • cool addon!!
  • I hope to support the traditional Chinese interface.
  • Cookiebro is a functional cookie manager but UI needs some work and UX improvements.
    For example: Current search implementation in cookies editor is of little use when there are more than a few dozen sites with cookies and I have 477 sites. Filtering and displaying only matching entries would be a much better approach. Just like the old Firefox cookies manager or about:config page.
    I'd like to also suggest merging all different add-on pages in a single page with tabbed UI.
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