good, but inconvenient/complicated to "unwhitelist" Rated 3 out of 5 stars

The addon works well for what it's designed to do - allow you to temporarily turn cookies on or off globally. The extra option to remove cookies that were collected during the time you had them enabled is a real plus. The ability to quickly "whitelist" a site is also helpful, but it's unfortunate that the addon gives no simple method to "unwhitelist". If you change your mind about a site, you have to open the whitelist to manually search for and remove the site's entry.

It's a bit difficult to understand the developer's reluctance to consider making the whitelist button "on/off", instead of "on / do nothing". I don't see that it would add any complexity to the addon. Even if the need to unwhitelist a site is rare - in the way he uses it - it still happens. It seems to me such a change would add to the "convenience/simplicity" of the addon, rather than take away from it. An option to remove a site's cookies when you unwhitelist it would be even more convenient...

For people like me who prefer to temporarily whitelist a site that I may be only using for a day or two, rather than enable cookies globally, there are other options such as Cookie Monster, CS Lite, etc. - unfortunately they have their own problems (overly complex, ugly)... but at least this addon gives you the option to hide the whitelist button, in case you want to use an alternative method.

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