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  • i realy like this addon. will there be an update for FF Quantum ?
  • It's lightweight and works well and simple, but I just wish there was some option to view and whitelist third party cookies. Some websites will just not work unless I turn this completely off. Many online merchants use third party cookies with their third party payment software, such as authnet. Would give it 5 stars if it could handle 3rd party cookies
  • I does what I want. I let the cookies button ON (because otherwise it's too much hassle), on the websites I trust I click on the little green icon and voilà!

    Works as intended, unwanted cookies are destroyed.

    I hope you'll find the time and motivation to update this app, but a big thank you anyways.
  • I'm NOT technical so watching for the Green Button is Important for me. WITHOUT the Green indication the Quote Function in my ESET Security Forum did not work and I stumbled on Enabling Cookies (Red button) to make it work.

    Some sites where No Green is present still won't work Until Cookies are Enabled and it's just difficult at times for Non-Techies to recognize what to do. I believe with Cookies ON the App Deletes the Current Site's Cookies at Browser Close, so No Harm No Foul.

    I STILL Appreciate the App.
  • Even though google.ca and google.com are permanently in the whitelist, the Search Preferences for google are not saved.
    Does this add-on not do this?
    When I read the info for the add-on, this seemed a way to save certain cookies, such as google search prefs, and delete all other cookies upon closing Firefox.
  • great addon used it for ages..

    only missing is easier way to remove site from whitelist.. its pain to search a list manually., should be able to do it from the same button as you use for whitelisting a site.. ie the green button that goes grey

    also a pain to whitelist a redirect for stupid sites that redirect on signin and then redirect again after login.. you literally have to use turn cookie button on... buts its very hard to whitelist that redirect, so you don't have to turn cookie on again.. could do with a ui upgrade to better facilitate in cookie history for sites like that to whitelist etc
  • finally, a cookie manager that is simple to use, without a thousand options i never need and does exactly what i was looking for. thank you.
  • There is no doubt this is a good add-on, but for me personally there is one reason it is not a keeper, and that is I cannot access my Outlook.com (= live.com) webmail even with the site whitelisted. Everything else works fine - my other webmail, my online banking, etc, etc, no problems - but supersensitive Microsoft has to be awkward. The only way I can successfully log on to Outlook.com is to disable Cookie Whitelist, but then when I re-enable it afterwards it has cleared everything from my whitelist, so I have to start over. So unfortunately I must find something else.
  • Granted it still is and have been enjoying it for a very long time. Somewhere along the line some sites would no longer whitelist correctly. I would click the green button and I would confirm that yes it is indeed on the list. But the green button would not go away like it normally would. The majority of the sites still would whitelist however. Another reviewer mentioned sites with ports. Sure enough, that was the issue. All the sites I tried to whitelist that had a defined port would not whitelist. I also tried manually adding the site with the defined port on the list...no go.

    Love the product but please fix.


    FF: v43.0.3
    CWWB: v3.1
    I'll fix the port issue in the next release. Until then, manually adding the port in the Add dialog should work.
  • This is just the add-on that I have been looking for, to easily manage my cookie whitelist. Other cookie managers have too many features for me. One minor improvement would be to have a remove button too; to easily remove the whitelisted sites.
  • EDIT: Thanks for the response Alexander. I forced the update and it is working better. One thing that it is still not doing is saving to whitelist when the URL contains a port number. It allows me to edit the dialog box to include the port info before saving. TBH I don't recall if that was the behavior before FF42 and CWWB3.0

    Great add-on. I can't get it to add new whitelist entries since Firefox got upgraded to v42 and now all new websites display the green "+" button. Clicking the "C" to accept all cookies from all websites still works but it will not save new entries.
    Please make sure that CWWB is updated to version 3.1 For some reason, Firefox 42 doesn't automatically update the extension, even though the previous version is incompatible.
  • The app needs to have a way to export/import the whitelist so you don't have to recreate it manually on each computer you use. Otherwise, great app!

    Originally I complained that Firefox Sync would always forget the password each time you closed Firedox - SOLVED - see below. Thanks! (but shouldn't this address be in the whitelist by default? maybe with a popup warning you that Firefox Sync won't work properly if you delete it?)
    That's odd, I am using Sync without any problems. I whitelisted "https://accounts.firefox.com". (As of Firefox 42, the "https://" is important.)
  • Nice plug-in.
    Is there a way to export the cookies whitelist and use it with another machine ?
    There is no support for exporting the whitelist built into the extension. But since it's Firefox's standard whitelist mechanism, other software might work.
  • Good add-on, used for a while, but now having problems logging into Google services with it. Think it is an issue with third party cookies, which I have already enabled.
  • If you click the lock in the address bar, and go through the menu, these settings are built into Firefox. However, this addon makes it easier to set these options, and better yet, it works.
  • I like this addon but I miss a function to remove pages from the whitelist like I can add them.
  • Brilliant, just what I have been looking for. I have tried other cookie add-ons, and when I look at cookies there are always still hundreds there from web sites I have never visited. This add-on solves all that - it keeps the ones I want, deletes the ones I don't, and it is so simple to use. Thank you.
  • The reject cookies is a nice idea...

    But many sites need cookies to work well (and not just for tracking and statistics). So let the cookies stay at when You visit.

    What I (and probably most need) - is an add-on, that...

    1) removes all cookies at exit - except...
    2) Keeping some from a whitelist.

    Weird enough - there is many cookie add-on, but none with such simple an logical funtionality... (that works perfect).
    What you describe should be possible using CWWB. Just press the "+" button when you're on a site you would like to whitelist, edit the domain name (if necessary) and click "Allow".
  • An brilliant tool to control cookies
  • This addon does not work as supposed to. Accept all cookies settings enables "Accept cookies" checkbox but selects "Never" as for witch sites cookies should be allowed. It should set "Always" not "Never" it that combo/dropbox.
    The "Never" dropdown refers to third-party cookies, which you don't want in most cases. There's a separate CWWB setting for enabling third-party cookies, if you absolutely must.

    In general, you should ignore the existing cookie controls when using CWWB.
  • whitelisted cookies dissapear on FireFox Restart if you use private browsing mode, can you fix it?
    I think that might be the intended behaviour of Private Browsing Mode, but I will have to check it out. Thanks!
  • Well, with the loss of my favorite Self-Destructing Cookies add-on (it is no longer being updated), I needed another way to do essentially what that add-on did. So I found this, and guess what? It transferred over the whitelist! Well, I lucked out big-time and thank you very much for making this so I can continue to not worry about cookies. Plus, those other cookie add-ons are way too complicated when the point of getting one is to spend LESS time dealing with cookies.
  • whitelist is not saving permanent permissions, I've tried other similar add-ons but none of them saves permanent permissions.

    - do I need to enable some "about:config" settings to make it work?

    * it would be nice if you add Whitelist to the right-click context menu coz I don't like to have too many icons in the nav-bar
    * automatically refresh the website that you added to the whitelist
    Could you clarify what you mean by "saving permanent permissions"?

    Contact me at the support email address given on the add-on page, if you prefer.

  • Please PLEASE make it work in FF 28.

    Awesome, necessary addon.

    I get the impression that ff team is trying to make it harder and harder to keep addons up to date.

    I see this as an essential addon. Thank You.
    There is currently a bug in addons.mozilla.org that prevents installation in Firefox 27/28.

    For now, please install version 2.2.1 from this list:

  • The best and simplest addon to quickly and easily manage cookies.