Cookie Monster Version History

4 versions

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Version 96.0 KiB Works with Firefox 37.0 and later

Updated Italian localization

Version 95.9 KiB Works with Firefox 37.0 and later

Added several options:
  • Delete Temporary Cookies and Permissions When All tabs for URL Close
    • When selected, instead of the temporary cookies and permissions being deleted upon exit from Firefox, they are deleted on a per URL basis when all tabs for a URL are closed.
  • Display Icons Indicating Default Setting
    • When selected, the icon for a default setting will indicate what the default setting is, instead of just being the same icon.

  • Display Tooltip When Hovering Over Cookie Monster Menu (Selected by default)
    • This is the default, but if this is un-selected, the tooltip is not displayed when hovering over the icon for CM.

  • There is an additional icon set, selectable in the Options dialog
    • The name of the icon set is Rosenbloom, after the name of the gracious person who created them for CM.
    • The Default option is what you know (and possibly love ;)).
  • Automatic (a.k.a "easy-peasy") Mode
    • Cookies Accepted By Default are Deleted When All tabs for a URL Closed. If a user has set the cookie permissions for a site to Accepted, then the cookies will not be deleted, just as before.
    • When this mode is selected, the default permissions are set to "Accept for Originating Site Only," so no 3rd Party Cookies.
    • When a tab is opened and a site visited, the cookies for the site are accepted automatically.
    • When tabs open for all of a URL are closed, any cookies accepted by default will be deleted.
    • If desired, a user can change the default setting to also accept 3rd Party Cookies via the Firefox interface. However, any 3rd party cookies will not be deleted until FF is closed.
    • To NOT have the cookies for a site deleted, just accept them from the CM menu, as before.

Version 67.5 KiB Works with Firefox 37.0 and later

Updates to fix issues from apparently undocumented changes in FF45. Temporary cookies should now work again and the URL indicated in CM should no longer get "stuck".

Version 67.5 KiB Works with Firefox 37.0a1 and later

In accordance with Firefox changing the way cookie permissions are stored so that whether the site is accessed via HTTP or HTTPS matters (origin), Cookie Monster (CM), by default, should now show the scheme (HTTP or HTTPS) in the menu, to let you know what cookie settings are being shown - this should correspond to whether the page is being accessed via HTTP or HTTPS.

In addition, there is a new option: "Apply Cookie Settings to both HTTP and HTTPS". If this is set, the CM menu will not show the scheme and when a cookie setting is chosen via the CM menu, a permission for both HTTP and HTTPS will be set for the current site.

Moreover, I changed the keyboard shortcut to Control + Alt + M, from Control + Alt + C, as there were reported issues with Control + Alt + C.

Lastly, I made several other changes in response to a previous review from Mozilla, but kept the minimum version at 37.0a1. This minimum version change is really an educated guess based on a breaking change in version 37, so if someone can provide me with a more accurate minimum version that works with CM, please let me know.