Still working Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Used CM for a long time. Now on Fx 28. Still no problems.

madcadder wrote:

"The only issue I have is every time I run CCleaner I lose the preferences for what sites are Allowed/Denied/Session."

That's not a Cookie Monster issue. It's the CCleaner preference to clean "site preferences" for Firefox - possibly other browsers. Uncheck that for Fx, Tbird, )other browsers?).

Site preferences are the same as exceptions (regarding cookies). The same thing would happen to anyone that checked to have Fx clean preferences at shut down, under Options > Privacy.

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Works well, very few flaws Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Not sure if I review CM before (since can't search for ur or any authors' reviews).
Used CM ? couple yrs now. Can't think of any real problems (of any importance). Have 21 other active addons - not seen any conflicts.

Especially like option for "temporary cookies."
Odd things / limitations:
- Icon (newer) - once cookie is set, IS unusual, but no idea if supposed to be a cookie w/ sunglasses, or... - but after all this time, still doesn't relay "this is CM" to me. Could choose much better one.

- No way to choose several cookies at once to del, in "show all cookies." May just use Fx's native UI, which is OK, but must del cookies (site level) one at a time or remove all - no in between. Be nice to hold Ctrl (or Shift) & select multiple cookies.

- No way to protect specific cookies & load at each start. Like Fx, either del all cookies or none.

- No way to print exceptions. Again, using Fx's native handler.

Are very few "full featured" cookie mgr addons & for life of me, can't understand why. Fx cookie mgr is extremely basic.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Edit 3/29/11: Have registered at & activated acct - can't post. Contacted Admin - no reply. Bummer.

Problems in FX 4:
-When view cookies for current site or All Sites, the Remove Cookie and Remove All Cookies buttons are GRAYED out. Only way to del cookies (I found) from CM is select cookies individually in a domain, then hit Del button on kybd. Or can select the domain name (containing all cookies) & hit Del.

-Can't access CM menu / options when on a blank tab (maybe also when a site doesn't req setting cookie? as Trasd said).

-Kudos on having it updated for Firefox 4.0 Was using Cookie Safe & even though Fx allowed it to be used in Fx 4, couldn't get it to work. :( Cookie Monster 1.05 seems to work OK in FX 4, so far (not too much testing). It's a little diff from CS, but not so much that anyone experienced w/ cookie mgrs couldn't figure it out pretty quickly.There are fewer options than w/ CS, but may not be a bad thing. Time will tell. More isn't always better.

-Note to reviewer kda: Maybe you don't want the "addon bar" at bottom of screen (it's very small in FX 4). For those that do & haven't figured out how to enable it for certain addon icons, R click an empty space above the tabs, then click "addon bar." As far as moving such icons to top of screen, don't know yet.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (