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  • I suggest to add format setting of the exported cookie file, like MSIE or mozilla format.
  • A seemingly very sophisticated extension with tons of features that can benefit power users. Unfortunately the functionality that I downloaded it for - the ability to auto import backed up cookies doesn't work the way I would assume. It only imports them once you have clicked the CM icon / opened the add on menu instead of just performing that import when firefox loads. So it not truly auto-import - more of a one-click import. Looking at the script, I see that its not just a bug - it doesn't appear to be designed that way. The import function isn't called until the CM dialog loads. Instead could you perhaps instead set up a function which observes topics in the nsIObserverService and then calls an import function somewhere during the process of Firefox loading?
  • Just what I needed. Keep up the good work.
  • Hi, thanks for your response.

    While auto-loading a cookie set on starting firefox would be useful for say, duckduckgo user preferences, I can see how it would be preferable not to auto-load in other usages so it would have to be an optional setting to cover everybody's needs I think.

    It's fine as it is anyway, it's only one click to load my cookie file which is no trouble. I just wanted to check that the add-on was working properly and that I was using it correctly.

    Thank you :-)
  • Program works as expected however when clicking on the Cookie Manager icon, the following request to facebook is made:


    Bit scummy isn't it?
    Don't appreciate applications submitting content on my behalf. Please remove this 'feature'.
    This facebook request is only to show the number of likes from users and similar feature is used by millions of sites across the world. If you keenly observe, you can notice that, there is no user related info in the request. Hope you understand this and review your rating once.
  • I tried it. It's somewhat useful, but I immediately noticed two issues: First, although I can select a set of many cookies, pressing delete appears to only delete one. Second, pressing enter closes the window (very annoying).
  • Ive tried your product in an attempt to "Control" my nearly 4000 cookies! They just seem to spawn like demons.. but in any case, when I clicked on your HELP button I was totally disappointed. I have no idea HOW to use it, or what terms such as isSecure or isSession are about or how to use them. If you have a user manual available for us dummies .. Please Advise! - Thank You

    I agree that there is not enough documentation for this tool, but as this is advanced tool to access cookies on firefox, this tool expects the user to know the basics of cookie (like session cookie, secure flag etc).

    If you want to know more about cookies itself, below is one of the best starting point.


  • Managing cookies the way I want them to be...
  • I see two identical "CM" icons in the "Customize toolbar" window
    (where you can add or remove icons to or from the tool bar).
    How come?
    One should be enough, shouldn't it?
  • all problems experienced below have been 100% FIXED in ACM 5.7.
    thanks, and great work / 5 stars.
    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    Windows 7 x64Using Firefox 26.0Intel QX6850/8GB DDR2/SSDI put Firefox thru it's paces - at any time i have 100+ tabs open spread among several TabGroups representing different projects. Of course re-starting Firefox only loads pinned tabs and the last tab on the active TabGroup.I've been using ACM for a few months, it always does good job finding and clearing target cookies. But it's S-L-O-W. Upon opening the ACM add-on, Task Manager shows Firefox as "Not responding" for at least 1 minute before ACM allows me to type domain name into search filter. And once i start typing it grinds again between individual letters. Seemed to get worse over time until finally today it failed to respond after @ 5 minutes so I had to crash Firefox. When it came back up ACM worked but again slow as molasses between individual typed letters in search filter.As a part of weekly hygiene I completely clear the following:- Cookies- Cache- Active Logins- Site Prefs- Form/Search History- Offline Website DataI'm sure it's due to the heavy demands i make of Firefox, but Firefox itself is fine, as are all other add-ons.+3 stars because it does what it promises, so the design is fundamentally sound ... but it has serious resource-efficiency issues (-2 stars).
    In the recent version (5.7...awaiting full review) of ACM, I have made a few changes, which improves the performance of the filters. I even tried with huge data and found reasonably fast enough. Hope, it meets your expectations this time.

    Let me know, if you still see the slowness.

  • Good one, shows details stored in individual cookies, gives monitoring, export, import option of cookies.-One drawback: couldn't find setting to allow sorting of displayed cookies on the basis of main domain name only (ignoring sub domains, bringing all cookies of a main domain together, irrespective of subdomains). That would be a helpful addition that brings all cookies of a domain together thus helping in deleting them together.
    Thanks a lot for your feedback.

    I guess your requirement can be achieved by filtering domains and selecting (multiple) only required domains.

    Also, in the new version (5.6), exclude filter is introduced and that also should simplify this requirement.

    If the above doesn't work, please provide more details, so the I can work on implementing it.
  • A question to the developer: How can I protect cookies from deleting? I like this feature in "CookieCuller" very much, but don't find it in Advanced Cookie Manager.
  • Can't delete cookie from selected domain.
    Thanks for 5 stars. The reported issue (not able to delete cookie) is fixed in the latest build (5.4).FYI: The issue was not with delete functionality but it is with the confirmation prompts that we show before delete.
  • This tool is nice! can i protect a cookie to be readonly?
  • Looks good and i'm using it now to delete a bunch of cookies from sites i'd never visit to begin with. What I would like to see though is an option to block (whitelist) selected domains through firefox's own cookie blocking system so that random websites can't save cookies without me saying so.
  • Great tool! Been using it for years now. Clear and easy to work with.
    If I had one request though, it would be the ability to select multiple cookies at once - handy if using the filter and want to delete cookies from a particular domain, along with its sub-domains.

    As a suggestion, this could still be implemented with the current interface by changing the information in the 'Cookie Details' panel so that it reads something like:
    "Domain: (Multiple selected)"
    "Name: (Multiple selected)"
    Any changes to the 'value' or true/false options would then be applied to all selected cookies.

    Aside from this, it does everything I want it to. Best cookie tool I've tried, in my opinion!
    Thanks a lot for your feedback.

    Multiple selection of domains and cookies feature is added in the recent release. Please check it out and let me know your feedback.
  • you have two "4" items in features list

    need the feature "autorestore cookies from file on browser startup".
    The requested feature is added in the recent release. Please check it out and let me know your feedback.
  • Bonjour,

    Bonne appli mais qui mériterait d'être en français aussi...
    Now it is available in French also....
  • should be able to select multiple cookies instead of just a single one at a time
    It is by design, as, as soon as you select a cookie, more details are shown in the right most pane.With multiple cookie selection, it is not possible to show more cookies info at once.

  • You added a button, okay. I already had it in the Status Bar and Tools Menu. Can you change it, so one can pull it out of the Toolbar? It's stuck, wont delete or reposition in FF 7 + 8.
    Thanks for reporting it. This is fixed in the new version 4.0 (which is awaiting review)
  • My previous post was about some automatic cookie deletion functionality. I would like to have my cookies deleted automatically after a certain time. So after lets say 30 minutes all cookies which are older than 30 minutes get deleted. Is it possible to do this?
    Unless you edit all the cookies that you want to delete after 30 mins and set their expiry time accordingly, I don't think it is possible.

    As far as I know, browser doesn't store the cookie creation time, so it is not possible to find when the cookie is created. We can only know whether the cookie is expired or not.

    Not sure what is your purpose in deleting cookies every 30mins, but you can delete all cookies at once using this tool. Else, you can try using "Private Browsing" and start a new session after every 30 mins.

    I am not aware of any such addon that is suitable for this requirement. In case you are interested in developing one for your self, you can monitor cookies (when they are created) and store the creation time and run though the list every 30 mins to delete old ones.

  • Grall gelişmeye ihtiyacı var yaşasın K.S.K
  • how can I add new cookie?
    Hello halla1324,
    Thanks for writing to me. On your request, I have added "Add Cookie" feature it in next version, which is pending review and should be available in next couple of days.

    Also added filtering to domains and cookies in the new version.

    Please use and send your feedback to me. Happy to add more features that you may need.