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  • This is such an amazing cookies manager addons, Please make it compatible with +57 firefox
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  • Not compatible with Firefox 57
  • Very effective but not working properly with Firefox 57 (64 bit). The add-on is now incompatible. 5 stars if you can fix this!! ;)
  • maxa cookie manager not compatible with firefox? WTF?
  • Title says it
  • Дополнение конечно хорошое мне говорили друзья но проблема оно не появляется у меня вообще что мне делать не знаю
  • Stupid firefox doesn't keep the LastPass PHPSESSID cookie after browser restarts...but with this extension i can save the LastPass Login cookie to C:\Windows\ at example and let the Cookie Manager restore the LastPass cookie on every browser start.

    P.S. i also changed the LastPass cookie to expire in 09.10.2018 so its valid for a year. Eat this firefox devs

    Thank you to the developer of Extended Cookie Manager you are a life saver, now don't need to relogin to LastPass in every Browser Session. i gave 5 stars
  • A whitelist/blacklist button capability!
    Need this for toolbar..instead of just opening manager...for full-fledged cookie management! One-tool! Thanks! :)

    Great program...please add more features.
  • Please make an workaround to this Addon so it would work on Firefox 57 upcomming this November !
  • A good idea would be to add support for the new settings privacy.userContext.enabled. Now addon displays only cookies from the default container. I would like to separate tabs for containers, or any other way to manage all cookies.
  • If there is ever a clash with another Add-on I won't give up this one. It's so good for keeping cookies in check. Recently Google search site was taking 30 seconds to load (almost a blank page?). There were over 40 google cookies tracking everything and manipulating my session (SEME). Removed them easily and then it loaded in 2 seconds. I notice others are requesting a white-list of cookies. Would it be easier to leverage the current built-in search facility and have blacklist entries like "*google*" , "ebay", etc. in the form of search terms? This seems better from my perspective, because some retention is desirable, but I especially would like to clear down particular abusers like google by using a timed delete to prevent build-up.
    Thank you for such a nice program.
  • Advanced cookie manager works great and the cookie monitor is a very useful and unique feature.

    I was not impressed to see background connections from facebook wanting to load an fb like button in an iframe.That's totally ridiculous behaviour for a browser extension.

    Because this addon violates the privacy of my Firefox browser, I can really only give this one star.

    Please respect the privacy of your users to get more stars.
  • How to run the application, if the icon is nowhere.
    Firefox 43.0.3
    The icon should be present on the toolbar. (This can be added/removed by customizing the toolbar).

    Apart from this, you can also find a menu item in Tools menu.
  • Great add-on.

    It has an issue after FF43 update. The toolbar button became huge. I use FT DeepDark theme. Is it add-on issue or theme's issue?
    Thanks a lot and all others, who brought this issue to my notice. This issue is fixed now, and awaiting review, and hopefully will be available for you in couple of days.

    Thanks a lot for support once again.
  • Easy to keep your cookies the way you want them.
  • as mentioned by others, cookie protection or some sort of whitelist that is immune to cookie clearing so when clean the browser only the cookies in the whitelist or some protected list are kept, also most time you have cookies you want on a site but they also have tracking or ad related cookies so most users wanting a cookie manager are going to want a way to separate and will only settle for a cookie manager that is capable.
  • Like this addon but for waterfox it cause the memory to bloat fast. i know its intended for Firefox, but if it works for waterfox ill use it.
  • Nice plugin, but there are at latest one function missing. By example, there should be a function with would protect the selected by user cookies from accidential deletion
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