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  • rất ngon
  • "This page does not have any cookies"
    Doesn't show JSESSIONID cookie seen with Fiddler.
    Hi, I'm sorry you are having this issue. If you could give me some details, like the page you experienced this issue, I could see if I can fix that issue for you
  • can't save my change
    I'm sorry that you are not able to save your changes. Could you give me a few more details so I can check it out and try to fix it for you please?
  • Compatible with Waterfox, this add-on has a simple, but effective interface for fast cookie management (for when one doesn't need all the information about a cookie, just "nuke" or save them). It only shows the cookies of the current context (container), so there is no risk of destroying cookies of other "jars".
  • Changing a cookie value, saving, and reloading the page will use the old cookie value
    I'm sorry that it seems like your cookies are not saving properly. Do you mind giving me an example of cookie that you are trying to modify? I'd like to help you with that
  • good alternative to editthiscookie since it only available on chrome
  • Simple et efficace pour voir, éditer et détruire les cookies du tab courant. Et pour en créer aussi !
  • Exactly what I wanted.
  • Easy to use. Very good add-ons.
  • The best Cookie Editor for Firefox Quantum. Simple, clean minimal interface. Works on mobile too, just perfect.
  • This extension works great on Firefox mobile. Highly intuitive and we'll made
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