Cookie Controller Version History

33 versions

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Version 0.9 41.0 kB Works with Firefox 4.0 and later

Performance improvements with more actions backgrounded and deferred.
Minor bug fixes.
Babelzilla translations for de, sv-SE, and tr.

Version 0.8 31.7 kB Works with Firefox 4.0 and later

Changes since v0.6:
- rewrite of the Tidy button to dynamically reflect existing cookies, display cookie counts, and intelligently change the default delete action
- submenus can be held open using the ctrl key
- cookie tooltips display full details
- added tools menu
- better refresh of open browse menus
- added an optional (shown by default) confirmation dialog before deleting all cookies
- two-stage deferred startup
- workarounds for Firefox bugs related to menuitem bindings

Version 0.6 28.7 kB Works with Firefox 4.0 and later

Changes since v0.2:
Tidy button for browsing and deleting cookies.
Optional items on the other two context menus for browsing and deleting cookies.
Support for alwaysAcceptSessionCookies, thirdParty,sessionOnly, and lifetimePolicy=3 (lifetime.days expiration limit).
New tooltips to reflect all the hidden preferences recognised by Firefox.
New state when expiration is limited to lifetime.days.
New settings (Ask and Session both checked) to activate alwaysAcceptSessionCookies in either on or off state.
New setting to activate expiration limit in On state.
Direct access to an about:config dialog showing the network.cookie branch.
Improved styling on different platforms (dark themes still not great).