Needs updating. Won't work on my FF v Not yet rated

Cookie button is working for me again. I believe it has a conflict with the Toolbar Buttons extension. (Which is an entire package of buttons add-on)

When I found out you could make custom buttons of just the ones you need at, I made a set and uninstalled the complete button package.

Tried cookie button again, and it works! No blank space!

Perfect add-on for those of us who deny cookies globally and need to quickly white-list a site.


Same thing happened to me just as the other reviewer stated:
"it causes a huge blank space to appear at the bottom of the browser window and it makes the "file edit view history bookmarks tools help" items to become unusable."

Shame, this little tool-bar button was handy and a great extension for someone who blocks all cookies by default and just needs to add an occasional exception without drilling through the FF Tools>Options menus.

But it certainly jacked-up my FF v2.0.0.12. It worked fine with all my other extensions until the latest FF version.

It could be an extension conflict or outright incompatible with the latest FF version.

Hope someone gets this ironed out. It used to be a fav of mine!

Until then, try the "Permit Cookies" add-on. Very simple and does the same thing but the button is in the status bar instead of the tool-bar.

And it works.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.8.9).