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  • This is utterly, but just utterly, fantasmagorically brilliant. May not be hard to implement (everythings hard) but someone has done it, and done it brilliantly. Just love it when "150 cookies deleted..." comes up on the message tag!
  • "Installation aborted because the add-on appears to be corrupt."
  • It Seems To Work Just As Described! I've Been Using CookieAutoDelete A Few Months Now...It's Very User Friendly...U Can Set It & 4get It, As Well As Enable Some Key Features.
  • There in a class of there own
  • edit: fixed itself...

    some sites lose cookies dispite added in whitelist - annoying... (example: https://geizhals.de/)
    No Problems if disabling this addon!
  • Too much permissions, basically non-working whitelist making you log out of useful websites you need, meh...
  • Refusing cooking outright breaks a lot of sites, but this plugin gets around that
  • I am not fully up to speed on the fine detail of this add-on, but the little pop-ups seem to indicate it going about it's job in an industrious manner ...... which is good, of course!