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Thanks for the reply,

"The output is very configurable, you only need to familiarize yourself with the options a bit." No suggestions at all as to which options I should configure in order to have only the conversion visible?

"for instance, once enabled, should it remain enabled for all tabs or only the one you enabled it in?" As with ConvertMyCurrency that I mentioned and another currency converter I've used, it's either on or it's off, not on per page. I certainly have no problem with how you've set it up and I can see how people might like it that way. I was thinking maybe a setting in Options or the right-click status button menu to have the button activate "all pages/tabs" or "current page/tab". Or maybe left-click the status button for one and middle-click for the other.

"voting down an extension because you have some suggestions is not very good form at all." And I apologise if that's how you see it. I voted 4 merely because I have only tried the currency converter portion of the add-on and I didn't think I could, in all honesty, vote 5 for parts of the add-on I haven't tried yet. I meant no offense at all.

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Please look at the output tab of the options page in order to configure the output options. You need the second section in that tab.

Ok, I'll look into what you're suggesting; I'm afraid most people only use about 25% or less of the features as it is, I'm a bit uncomfortable cramming all sorts of features in just a few controls (i.e. the icon, in this case). Maybe a right-click status button menu entry exposing the "auto-convert" option would resolve the gist of your request without conflicting with my approach regarding the interface.

At any rate, thank you for the feedback, and for taking the time to vote again!