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  • Thanks for this great addon.
    As a suggestion can you include an autocopy feature?
    I'll give it a shot
  • I love it!
  • This addon is great but is it possible to run all search engines in folder at the same time? Just like default in Firefox by "Search in all tabs". Similar solution in ContextSearch web-ext is missing and you must click again and again to use all search engines included in folder.

    2nd thing is hotkey assigned to search engine. Is it possible to make not a single letter but e.g. 2-letter / 3-letter phrase?

    > This addon is great but is it possible to run all search engines in folder at the same time?

    When using the popup menu, yeah ( context menu folders have no usable click events ). Clicking the middle mouse button on a folder will search all engines in the folder with the current search terms and send the results to background pages. You can change this behavior in Options -> Quick Menu -> Search Actions -> Folders column.

    > 2nd thing is hotkey assigned to search engine. Is it possible to make not a single letter but e.g. 2-letter / 3-letter phrase?

    Not currently. Be aware, the hotkeys only work with the quick menu opened. If you're looking to select text and press a key to immediately perform a search, you might want to open the qm using the keyboard method ( using CTRL for instance ) and then you can press your preferred search engine hotkey to execute a search. If you're looking for more functionality, consider opening a thread on the github support site.
  • Now it works correctly. Thanks!

    Position bottom right calls the right default context menu when opening the Quick Menu using holding right-click

    Upd. Yes. It only happen when using bottom-right position. I uploaded the video with a demonstration https://youtu.be/mI-8WAEj7dU OS: Win 10x64, Firefox 68.0.1, ui.context_menus.after_mouseup set as true
    (edit 6-25 #2)
    New version 1.12 going up

    (edit 6-25)

    Ok, got it. I had to change a few things to match your settings. It appears the deadspace in Tools toolbar isn't set to cancel the mouseup event, only the button tiles themselves. I'll get a fix soon.

    I'm not able to reproduce that behavior. Does it only happen when using bottom-right? You may need to set ui.context_menus.after_mouseup = true in about:config if you're using an OS that opens the context menu on mousedown vs mouseup (mac, linux typically). Edit your reply with some more info if you see this or contact me using the support email.
  • 👍
  • for me one of the best addon here on firefox......thank you so much mike b :)
    god bless you!
  • Works straight out of the box. Double thumbs up.
  • There are a few add-ons that offer similar functionalities, namely:

    Selection Context Search
    Context Search
    Context Search Origin

    But as of May 2019, ContextSearch web-ext by Mike B is my choice.

    - Highly customizable, way more than others
    - Uses search engines registered for Built-in One Click Search Engines. So if it works from search bar, it should work for context menu as well.
  • Thumb up,pretty good!
  • Good job Mike
  • (edit 4/23/19)
    Absolutely perfect! Thanks a lot.
    I have in mind 1-2 more useful options to suggest.
    Is here a proper place or I might use your support email address?

    (edit 4/3/19)
    Thank you for your response and effort.
    I can understand the possible technical limitations, but I would only like to stress the importance and usefulness of such an “Open in SideView” CS added option:
    In this way, one could easily lookup for any selected words/phrases, in a multitude of resources like encyclopaedia, dictionary, translation, TTS, etc. sites, WITHOUT having to leave one’s current tab/page.
    Now, this is possible only by using “per resource/site” specialized add-ons like QuickDictionary or by opening the wanted resource/site in the SideView through existent bookmarks and then copying/pasting the looked up words/phrases.

    * By “Side Bar” I meant that of FF, not the “Side Bar” of CS. In resent versions of FF opening links/bookmarks in its Side Bar is possible using the SideView addon.

    Great addon!
    What about an additional option “Open in Side Bar” in the Search Actions settings?
    Thank you!
    (edit 4/17/19)
    Open In Sidebar option added to Search Actions in v1.9.9. There are limitations, however.

    1. No POST engine compatibility
    2. Sidebar must be opened manually by the user to see results

    There are likely more issues but I haven't tested much.

    (edit 4-4-19)
    I can give it a shot. If you have a github account and are familiar with sideloading, you can start a thread at the support site and help test the progress.

    I tried that a while back but the sidebar isn't handled like a regular tab and some things simply won't work. POST engines fail completely as a result of the limited back-end. I'll give the API another look, but I think it's intended more for as a UI for the add-on, not an alternative tab for browsing or search results.