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  • No such extension is able to save to the clipboard the selected text with the url of the page as pure link, not text link. Extremely valuable for WYSIWYG editions.
  • The best kind
  • Now that this one is dead. Has anyone found an alternative to this extension?
  • I'd been using Copy Fixer to copy title&url with one or few step, but it's now obsolete due to e10s incompatibility.
    Searched and tried several add-ons and this one's newly updated version satisfied my needs.

    If there is also a hotkey function for copy title&url of current tab, it's perfect to me.
  • Everything now works fine in latest version of Firefox (50.1.0), including keyboard shortcuts.
  • This add on worked great. But now it doesn't even show up in my drop down context menu.

    Is this an orphan add on?
  • Thx for update. We need more updates and localization support
  • I was searching for something exacly like that ! Thanks !
  • Good and work with Firefox ESR!
  • This is what I wanted.
  • Very useful.
    It's like a Swiss Army Knife for Firefox.
  • It seems work on Firefox 17 ESR (stable version of Firefox and current version of Firefox in Debian).
    Please, fix it and correct if it's have error.
  • Has been very usefull for me, especially the "Copy Page Title" / "Copy Page Title & URL" feature.
    But it stopped working (the context menu items don't show up) since a while ago. I assume that the add-on is not going well with another add-on that I use: Menu Editor.
    If I turn off the latter it seems to work fine.
    But this is odd since it used to work fine together before, and other add-ons that modify context menus are still working fine.
    Hope the developper can fix the problem.

    Firefox 20.0 / Mac
  • This is a great add on, but update 1.4.4 it stopped showing in the right click menu. So I tested a backup potable Firefox which had 1.4.3 installed that worked, when I did a update to 1.4.4 it was broken again. Please fix when you can. Thanks.
  • I second to recommend using a Submenu for all ContextMenuPlus options. It will help cleanup Context Menu, which is already flooded by other add-ons.
  • copy title and url is very useful!
  • ContextMenuPLUS: The name says everything!
  • It can be Integration in a sub-menu ?!
  • This add-on is very useful. All-in-one context menu that used for copying multiple types in web pages.
    I use ContextMenuPlus with Menu Editor and they work very well for me. I LOVE it.!!! ❤❤❤
  • I second the need to be able to move the items in the context menu. Personally I would have them at the top for easy access.

    I have disable for now until this is done, but really looking forward to enabling again!
  • A useful add-on. It would be a lot more useful if its menu items were not stuck at the bottom of the context menu. Menu Editor can't move them to more appropriate locations within the context menu.
  • excellent add-on; can't believe this isn't a built-in feature of ff.

    can you add a 'copy feed location' to the list? a very useful command for some of us.

    thanks again
  • I like the sound of this add-on, but it doesn't actually appear to DO anything. The context menu is completely unchanged. None of the options menus will even load. There's probably something I'm doing wrong, but the lack of a support site or bug report system makes that difficult to verify. I would not recommend downloading it.
    You could use add-on's homepage at GitHub for reporting bugs.
    I added support site and email.
  • This works just fine. (I especially like the no-restart feature.) But it'd be even more useful if it included shortcut key-combinations for the commands it adds---for example, Ctrl+Alt+C for Copy As Plain Text. Those of us who use plugins like this are usually "power users" looking for quick ways to do things---and using the keyboard is always faster than using the mouse.
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