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  • This is the best context search add-on I have ever found for Mozilla. Since I am using Waterfox, it continues to work perfectly. Five stars to the dev!
  • This was a great app, I still haven't found a good alternative. An update would be appreciated.
  • This is one of my all-time favorite extensions. If I could give it 10 stars I would. It is a handy tool and a huge time-saver. It greatly enhances a user's ability to do quick and effective searches. I'm sorry to hear that the developer won't be able to update it for Firefox Quantum (that is, FF 57/58 and beyond), but at least it still works in FF 52.6 ESR.
  • Fantastic add on .Please update
  • I used to like this extension but not the webextensions excuse. A similar extension is available for chrome and it does not link in with your existing search engines, it has its own list. This is fine. All I would like is a menu to try a different search engine. I am willing to add the additional ones manually.

    update: I now use Selection Context Search as a replacement.
  • 一直使用Context Search已经使用习惯了,希望开发者能更新支持FF57。
  • アップデートお願いします。
  • pourvu que ça marche de nouveau avec quantum!!!
  • always been a fan! thanks!
    doesnt this do the same with FF57 ? https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/selection-context-search/
    how is this working?
  • Perfect add-on, ingeniously simple. Waiting update for FF57.
  • When comes the update for the new Add-on-Type?
  • Es bueno pero no compatible con la última versión... :´(
    Not compatible with Firefox Quantum
  • Please update this add-one I am using it every day but it is not working now after Firefox 57 update. Please Update.
  • Please update this addon for 57 ver!!!
  • This was my top reason for using Firefox in preference to other browsers, It will be a real calamity if it can't be adapted for Firefox 57.
  • A useful add-on. I use it frequently. Please update it to be compatible with Firefox 57.
  • Nice!
  • FF 55
  • A good alternative which is compatible with Firefox 57+:
  • The best and the one that will be missed with Classic Theme Restorer
  • I'll feel lost when firefox 57 will come
  • For years I was using Multi Smart Search. I recently upgraded from Firefox 49.0.2. to Firefox 55.0.3 and found that Multi Smart Search doesn't work with it at all. I found Context Search to be identical to what I had before, so I'm happy. :)

    The only thing I would change is what the menu item says. Right now it just says, "Search for *searchstring*. I think it should say, "Search for *searchstring* using...". So, add the word "using" with the ellipsis. Or, even "on..." instead of "using...".

    So for example: searching for the word" Firefox" would make it say, "Search for "Firefox" using...", or "Search for "Firefox" on...".

    I guess there's one other thing I would change, if it's even possible: make this include right-clicking links. The default search in Firefox will search the text of links when simply right-clicking the link.

    Anyway, yeah, this is a great extension.
  • There is no denying being able to search so many pages so fast in combo with add to search bar , still i want to see an iteration of this addon that is able to perform batch searches on 10 pages at once with one click and stack 50 different pages and with 5 searches open all of them, so i dont have to click 50 times for each one and make my right-click menu ridiculously big
  • Saw no mention by developer that a new version is available or under development as a Web Extension add-on. Firefox 55 already flags this as a legacy extension. In Mozilla's add-on page, click on the Permissions button and you'll see "this add-on uses legacy technology". Firefox is already warning this will be a dead extension. When Firefox 57 is released, non-WebExt add-ons will die, including this one.

    When clicking on the "Add-on home page" link in the Mozilla add-on page, I get "internal server error". Looks like the author has abandoned his web page, too. Wanted to see if the author mentioned at his own site if a WebExt version was in the works. No updates for over a year. Author's web site gone. Not a WebExt add-on. Yep, this is a dead one.

    Unlike SmartSearch (also a non-WebExt add-on), I saw no mention that this add-on can let you group your search URLs, like all Google in one folder, all Bing in another folder, etc. This helps to reduce clutter instead of creating one long list your eyes have to roll up and down to find a particular one (I have 22 search URLs).