Awesome! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Dream come true addon :) My basic engines directly on the context menu and the rest on a submenu. Exactly what i've been lookin for! And the engines ICONS! THX goodness! on the context menu as a hidden option though (why hidden? my suggestion it be default or adjustable thru the options box). Options are a bit confusing at first glance but really extensive. I used brilliant ConQuery for years but this piece beats it easily. Thank you!

PS tried original Context Search, all engines are on submenu only, no settings at all. For me there's no comparison.

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Thanks for your suggestion. Originally I thought it makes the context menu a bit clunky looking because (at least for me) none of the other menu items have icons, and menu items with icons are a bit taller. Also, until I add more options, I don't really want to keep asking those who volunteered to translate to translate bit by bit... what do you think I should do? That's why I made the last few features unable to be changed from the GUI (though I tried to make them as easy to use as possible).