Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hello there and thank for this ext.
Could someone explain in short what are the differences of this extension and the other ones (that do the "same" actions)?
Another thing. To someone that publishes an extension - does it offer the option to add tags? It was very difficult to me to search for these extensions. I'd never find out what to search for - it was luck and time consuming (for an anxious person :0) ). "context menu" is something most won't think of when they're not very savvy. It was after many(?) pages down that it appears in "search" keyword. I also googled search with google for (I think it was like this) add search engine/s.
Another thing: why does the "context search" say featured?
The more point and click I have, the better. I'm so lazy hehe so this ext fits me excellent. Gotta find more and more...
Thanks again!