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  • Simple and useful, hope the developer will continue this program.
  • Thank you, very usable addon!
  • Absolutely amazing! Just wish you could search youtube as well.
  • Still works as it promised and performs well in FireFox 45.4.0 esr.
    Such an Epic Add-on, but hasn't been updated! :(
    Best regards!
  • The highlight phrase isn't working on Gmail's "view original" page for a message.
  • It won't highlight special characters.
    For instance I need to highlight this: [X]
    It'll only highlight x without square brackets
  • Only problem: no function keys or directly searching. So ists a little bit to time-consuming..
  • its a great add-on I like it and i you use it when i want to summarize or paraphrazing a webpage....BUT
    i wish if
    -it has multi-highlight i.e highlighting many phrases or quotes
    -saving the highlighted areas
    Hi - just hold the CTRL key when pressing "Highlight Words" or "Highlight Phrase" and it will highlight the new matches in a different colour while preserving the previous matches.
  • Thank you so much very useful tool!

    Also I suggest "Vocabulary Highlighter":

    Another one is not related but very handy "Print Pages to PDF":
  • The only niggle I have with this is if you've highlighted something and go to a different web page, you have to explicitly "Clear Highlight" before adding new highlights, otherwise, they don't show up.

    What would be useful is if you had the option to either clear highlights when moving to a new page, or have the highlights persist across pages, which I'd find very useful.
  • Thank you so much, i was completely unhappy with the restrictions of the usual search bar at Ctrl+f, now i can search for multiple terms & use the search bar additionally to look what i dont want to find in huge law materials. thank you so much.
  • To Improve/Sugestions:
    > persistent highlight like "Vocabulary Highlighter" but per site/domain/regex basis
  • Really disappointed with this add-on! The "highlight phrase" doesn't work at all and the "highlight words" is not worth it! Ctrl + F does a better job! (Firefox 10.2)
  • Just works well. Thanks!
  • A really useful addon!
    I favour the Chrome functionality also.
    If double-clicking is not an easy option, I would favour the 'Highlight word' menu item to have the functionality that shift right-click menu item has now.
    So however many highlights I wish, I just choose the same menu item.
    If I ever wish to change from just one word to another word, I can 'Remove highlighting' between choices.

    This also makes all the major functionality clear. I do not favour any a separate options section to choose, except for quite advanced options, and this may be best accomplished by a separate app.

    Conclusion - great now, can be improved.
  • This will really come in handy especially since it holds the highlighted section on the page when leaving the page and then coming back to it!
  • For multiple highlights, the "right-click and hold Ctrl." approach still is much too complicated. There should be an option in order for Context Highlight to work like Highlight All in Chrome: you simply double-click on a word, and every instance of that word on the page gets highlighted. Then you double-click on another word, and every instance of that other word gets highlighted, too -- in another color:


    This is incredibly useful for quick text analysis or fast-reading!

    Please make this available, as an option!

    Thank you
  • This is close to the good old google toolbar search and highlight multiple words with different colors function! I was looking for this for a long time.
  • Just great! Tip: to highlight multiple words, hold Control when you click on "Highlight word".
    It also works fine in 7.0 (Aurora channel); disable the compatibility check by going to about:config and creating a new boolean extensions.checkCompatibility.7.0a = false.
  • When I try to highlight a new word, the previously highlighted one goes away. It would be much useful if all the highlighting is retained. Great add-on anyways.
    Hold CTRL and the previous word(s) will remain highlighted as well.
  • Great, SIMPLE highlighter. The best one I could find. However, I do wish it could be permanent so that I could e-mail a link to a page & still have the highlighted parts visible.
  • This addon is really good. I feel it perfect to highlight word/words/phrase with alphanumeric context. But this does not support context more than, approximately, 150 characters (with whitespace) and/or context with complicated special characters. Anyways, I feel it working good for generic purposes.

    Many guys like me are ready to support in contributing codes and ideas.

    Thank you for this addon. I hope and await next version.
  • Context Highlight is a neat little add-on that, unlike Cmd+F (find), has the ability to highlight multiple selections simultaneously - and in different colors!

    Just select another word or phrase, hold the Control key, right click and select "highlight word" or "...phrase." You can do this multiple times, and each new group will be highlighted in a different color. Right click and choose "clear highlighting" to remove.

    Very useful. Thanks!
  • Is it possible? I hope,,,,
    Is it possible highlight a number that between two numbers or highlight numbers bigger from a selected number or highlight numbers smaller from a selected number? Will we make this with CH of next versions (if it possible, sure)? Isn't it a good idea! This will be perfect for me in forums. Thanks for this addon and I hope improve it.
  • Hello, When I highlight 2 words next to each other and chose 'Highlight Words' then both words I selected show up highlighted all over the page in two different highlighter colors. This is good.
    However, if I highlight one word, then choose to highlight a second word elsewhere on the page I lose the first word's highlighting :(
    Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
    Also, as others have written I need a white-list of terms that will always show-up highlighted no-mater the page or domain.
    The perfect place for the white list would be it's own sidebar with choices, colors and triggers.
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