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  • Still works with Fx v56!
  • It's very useful.
    But it will make crashed eaily at start with lots of tabs from firefox 36.
    Indeed, I change to use firebug as a instead.
  • It does not work in Mozilla 38.1
  • Super useful if you do real web development. Not as buggy as the older versions. Sweet!
  • A must for every web or extension developer, thx!
  • Yes! It works perfectly! Thanks!
  • http://up.servut.us/31214
    here is a file for FF5. just changed the version in the file. works fine for me
  • This is an awesome extension. The only thing I wanted from the default one was "stay on top" and it failed me. This didn't! Would it be possible to enable docking as a sidebar, on the bottom.. or something like that?
  • useful addon! I love this.
  • The most prominent feature for me is ability to combine any type of message types in the console.

    This is one of my install-before-using-firefox add-ons.

    Works with Minefield builds!
  • Super useful. Simply perfect. Firefox should really have this console. Console is for developers, and developers need the features of this console. The actual default Firefox console is too simplistic and not powerful enough.
  • Super useful for development, wish they would just include the Console Filter in the GUI by default and get rid of the old search box. I burned some time trying to do filtering in the old search box before I realized what was wrong (hence just 4 stars for usability).
  • I really love this add-on, and it is always one of the first things I install with Firefox. It's impossible for me to do any web development or Firefox development without this.
  • Just to further Raul's comments; the latest Console2 snapshot does indeed work with the latest Minefield. To get the latest snapshot you will need CVS installed. (If you're on OSX then you already have it installed).

    Go to http://console2.mozdev.org/source.html - copy and paste the second cvs command into the terminal. Once you have downloaded all the files, go to the "console2/src/console2/" folder and zip up all the files in it. Then rename the file extension to .xpi and you should then be able to install it.

    If you CBF doing that, I've uploaded the 0.8a1 version here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2067588/console2.xpi

    (thanks to the dev for continuing working on this great extension :)
  • I hope this is marked compatible soon with beta9pre, but until then:
    Please create a boolean preference named extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0b and set it to false. Or install version 0.8.a1
  • Works fine for me on FF4b6.
  • Отличное дополнение для тех кто пишет на JS, лично я бы зарылся в отладке кода ибо иногда простая ошибка синтаксиса (не диагностируемая браузером) и начинаешь долго думать - "А где же я ошибся?".
    Отлично 5 из 5
  • Sorry i didn't find your bugtracker, so i'd write here - xul:textbox or html:textare don't work inside xul:panel, when console2 is installed
  • Sorry i didn't find your bugtracker, so i'd write here - xul:textbox or html:textare don't work inside xul:panel, when console2 is installed
  • It's a pity that Console² doesn't work in combination with Phoenix Add-ons
  • After using Console2 for years, I had just got used to it. Today I've started work on a new computer, and i was confused! i couldn't find the script error button, the console was almost useless... then i remembered Console2, a piece of software so good you forget how much it was doing for you. thanks!
  • Very very good add-on, I'm using it for years.

    The only missing feature is to be able to increase the message count limit and/or allow to totally disable content messages (not only filter them). I'm testing my addons on websites that fire a lot of warnings and errors, and sometimes the chrome messages disappear because the messages count reach the maximum.
  • Don't create your own skin. Try to blend in with the theme the user has chosen, to use its style. Now you just make the buttons look like in default theme.

    It is as helpful as possible, but I still don't know how to make my extension work correctly.

    Hide duplicates is a great feature.
  • extremely helpful! :D
  • This is a must have for web builders
    Console^2 saved me many hours of works and is way better than IE developer tools
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