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  • https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/context-search-x/

    Recently discovered this fresh solution. It has nearly the same functionality plus some new features (engines icons in the main context menu is a hidden option, read description). Don't confuse with original Context Search.
  • Please see this thread in the add-on forum:



  • I was happily using Shadow912's version in Firefox 8, but then I upgraded to Firefox 9 and the extension broke :(
    I couldn't live without it so I went ahead and fixed it :)
    You can get it here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/976471/conquery-1.7.3-mod9.xpi
    I also made it possible to customize the query when right-clicking the search engine, just like when pressing Ctrl.
    Keep in mind that this version will only work on Firefox 9+
  • I found out that Shadow912's version can be used without change in Firefox 6 (and probably also in future versions) by using Mozilla's "Add-on Compatibility Reporter": https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/add-on-compatibility-reporter/ .
  • I use ConQuery in Thunderbird so that I don't have to copy/paste searches into Firefox. Shadow912's version for Firefox 5.0.* works with Thunderbird 5.0 if you hack the install.rdf file. Although I use this ConQuery in Thunderbird I do not use it in Firefox 5.0. Instead, I use Context Search (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/context-search/) because it offers more or less the same functionality and is kept up to date by its developer. Anybody desiring the functionality of ConQuery without all the hassles should look to using Context Search.
  • OK, i'm ready to pay money to see this updated; Hi shadow912, lets us know how its going and if you need testers/programming assistance!
    Lets set up a ReConQuery dev group? Can we help by doing this for you and helping with docs/etc?
    Please see thread for current workarounds and URL for patched version of ConQuery on current versions of firefox.
  • Shadow912's version works with Firefox 4 beta 9 if you set up maxVersion manually.
    Unzip xpi archive, find install.rdf, change maxVersion parameter then zip again and change extension to xpi.
  • What's up, Vasa - or Shadow912?

    Up till now, I managed with the mods, but since mod 4b12 stopped working recently, I'm lost. I think Conquery is the extension I've used the most since I'm using FF as my browser. I like it, I love it, I can't do without. If Conquery doesn't come back, I might as well switch to Google Chrome... Robin
  • I miss it


    post your mod to AMO (here) as few people will want to install your extension otherwise

  • Hi Shadow912,
    Glad to see that Conquery is alive and well, and working great here on FF 3.6.3 (running on Windows 7). Any chance of including a feature that Context Search has - which is the removal/hiding of the "Search for" on the context menu? As long as Conquery is installed, having it also present on the context menu is merely adding clutter to the menu. ;-)

    Thank you for breathing new life into this extension/add-on.

  • modified version of ConQuery 1.7.3 (mod-4b8) is released. please try to use/check this

  • @Andrew

    i use "Add to Search Bar" to add new search Engines:
  • @Andrew

    i use "Add to Search Bar" to add new search Engines:
  • Great plugin. Does anyone know of a good repository for search plugins for ConQuery, though? I'm looking for a youtube search plugin, and I can't find one anywhere.
  • Great extension! Since Shadow912 seems to give up maintenance of Conquery, I used the link below published by A A for downloading:


    Works like a charm with Firefox 3.5.x !
  • This plug-in is why I don't use Chrome or Safari.

    Edit line 48 of "install.rdf" of Shadow912's modified version.

    Seems to work fine for me on ff3.5.

    PS. Shadow's version is here (english second on page):

  • Thanks to Shadow912 for caring! Please continue! Firefox 3.5 is releleased, modb7 doesn't work anymore. Just bumped the extension to Firefox 3.5, seems to work. Download hier: http://www.file-upload.net/download-1738675/conquery-1.7.3-mod4b7bump3.5.xpi.html
  • The best tool for fast browsing/searching...fully customizable. Just needs an update, but thankfully this generous contributor has kept things in check...that was until FF 3.5 came out.

  • This was a great Firefox 2 extension. Correct link for Firefox 3 version is http://mozilla-ext-ja.way-nifty.com/blog/conquery/index.html Still a bit buggy though
  • "Best extension of his category of Firefox, really much better than his competitors" - I second that. The reason:
    Unlike the others, this add-on CAN use the same search add-ons that I add to search bar with extension "Add to Search Bar" - customized ones.
    The others can use just predefined search engines (you can add others, but with editing "chrome" file... - not so easy like here. Most of us has no experience nor time to do this)
    Thank you Vasa for this helpful add-on!

    "Shadow912, could it not be possible to put the updated conquery addon on the mozilla addon page?
    Installing add-ons from other websites just seems dodgy." - I second that also.
    If I haven't seen the post in review that refers to version for FF3 - I would have miss it - and the life would be a bit harder then now :)
    p.s. - ordering the engines in "options" could use little tweaking - you have to click on a file 1x for 1 position movement. Dragging or multiple move per 1 click would be nice - though I did make an order only once - and once in a while adding new search engine is not hard.
    Perheps "copy search bar order" button in "options" would be nice? :)
    "Show" button is a nice touch though. You don't have to delete some search engine - you can turn it off for a while, and if you realize you don't need it anymore - you could delete it later. :)
  • new version for ff 3.0

  • excelent plutgin, i've been using it for a long time, but that's a pity you don't support the latest firefox
  • ConQuery is my favorite addon but no new version for ff 3.0. So I still use ff 2.0. hope new version will be released soon.
  • FYI,
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