Great way to Configure FireFox Rated 5 out of 5 stars

You can save oodles of time configuring FireFox with "Configuration Mania". My add-ons fall into 3 categories, FireFox configuration (how FireFox operates), presentation (FireFox appearance), and functionality. I have 45 extensions installed (thanks to "Extension List Dumper"), and the very first add-on I always install is "Configuration Mania".

"Configuration Mania" will eliminate the time used scrolling through the many FireFox config entries in "about:config" and researching them at "". It also goes beyond the "FireFox -> Edit -> Preferences". "Configuration Mania's" well organized user interface to FireFox config entries reduces the potential for errors, while increasing your knowledge of FireFox. It consistently works and looks nice. The UI has meaningful labels/descriptions, plus there is no need to remember or lookup up a FireFox config entry values (0, 1, 2) because they are there in plain text. Although you may not use "Configuration Mania" everyday, it will reduce the time necessary to change FireFox config entries, while reducing the potential for errors and teaching you something about FireFox in the process. There is no substitute for "Configuration Mania" --- the first add-on I always install.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.16.2012050201.1-signed).