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  • I have been using CM since firefox 3.6. great work and thanks for long time support. firefox is dead!
  • 普通では設定できない事を分かりやすく変更できるので大変重宝していました。Firefox57から使えなくなるのが非常に残念です。
  • とあるサイトで紹介されてて入れたが便利すぎる。。。
  • A addon that helps A LOT for FX setting up
  • A super AddOn !!!
    Should it be possible to bring an option to export / import settings ?
    Thanks in advance
  • This addon will be ported to webextensions? It is possible?

    Developer response

    As of now, I can't say whether it is possible to porting or not (i.e. whether I give up to support Firefox 57+). But porting to webextension must be very, very difficult.

    * deXUL: porting XUL to HTML-based GUI components is very difficult work.
    * XPCOM(e.g. preference modification): Embedded WebExtensions would be a solution, I think.

    (Updated): I found that Firefox 57+ will drop support for Embedded WebExtension, too. The preference API will *NOT* be added. So, It is impossible to convert Configuration Mania to a WebExtension.
  • I've been having to tweak things by hand... much kinder to my aging bran cells.
  • I got it for Firefox v39 and it's brought back some missing menu items I wanted to be able to adjust.I hope it stops the blank page as homepage and/or newtab page bug that's recently started going viral and is now hitting all versions of Firefox.
  • very easy.
  • I would like to say that this does beat out the other about:config option modification add-ons, but all these type of add-ons are missing an option to add my own toggle. You see I need to toggle various options to test out web pages and report back on their compatibility with FF. I am not a developer, only a tester. But I need to toggle things like "security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy", and other such obscure items. Rather than bugging the developer of this extension to create a new toggle every time someone needs a new one, can't there be a entry box for the config item, then two more boxes for what it is supposed to be when you toggle it on and off? Maybe add these as a list of items and they show up on a special page called "Custom".
  • Très bonne extension,
    Elle me permet de désinstaller quelques autres extensions que j'avais, donc allège mon Firefox
  • Would have given it 5 stars if hovering over an options gave a brief description of the effect of the option, and identified the specific about:config preference it was setting. See gui:config for reference, which otherwise isn't as nice since it only opens in pop up window. I much prefer the tab style you get with Config Mania.

    Developer response

    You can open the option with about:config :

    1. Right click over the option on this addon, and then a context menu is shown,
    2. Click "Open with about:config" on the context menu
  • Excellent addon, but does it slow down FF like other addon can dot it (video download managers for instance) ?
    I guess not, but please confirm this in your description with arguments for people like me.
  • To ensure you can "reset" your configuration, go to your profile folder and copy the "userpref" file while FF is NOT running. That contains a copy of all the about:config settings.
  • Provides a much more convenient way to see many options I would generally have to look up and find in my about:config.
  • Works as expected, very handy. Can you write some documentation on which settings get changed?

    A reset button (to set the defaults) is probably a good idea :)
  • Very useful addon, keep on.
  • Makes it much easier to explore the wide array of powerful internal customization options available.
  • Very helpful, time saver.
  • if you're a web developer and need to test your site with different user agents, this addon will be really useful
  • Should add an option to export settings
  • Good addon
  • Great add-in!

    Firefox has, unfortunately, recently removed the configuration of what versions of SSL/TLS can be used from the config (for example, if I want to support TLS 1.0 but not SSL 3.0).

    It would be great if that configuration could be added to this plugin.
  • Superb!
    Works as advertised, and updates frequently enough !
  • Спасибо!