Silence ~ In the Eye of the Storm Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thanks C G! Your 4.2 update counteracts the latest waves of YouTube Monkey Wrenching.

I have found CYS to be absolutely THE most comprehensive and well designed power tool for capturing YT videos in situ. For a long time I pondered the low ratio of Reviews to Installs here and at first I wondered, are people not pleased? Could this be... Laziness in Thought?? Then I realized... This is one of those well kept secrets that you don't want anyone to know about or soon everyone will be using it; then YT's bandwidth will be saturated. And *Gobble will break it. (*Gobble = google)

However, I shall no longer acquiesce to the silence.
There are many Good YT video savers and a few Great ones each with their own unique approach. CYS exemplifies the vast difference between Good, and Great. I love the extensive configurable adaptive menu with optimized access to the full selection of resolutions and formats. For this task CYS attains the elegance of simplicity. A complete thought, focusing on doing one task perfectly, streamlined and with style. To use this tool is to experience gratitude and a sense of being indebted. Forget 5, I give this Infinite Suns out of 5.
If I could only have 1 Addon, This is THE ONE.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thank you for your kind words, we appreciate the support!!! Thanks!:)