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  • great application ff great
  • Great tool. The main feature I want is a keyboard shortcut to activate an items. I see an "Access Key" field which accepts on character, but how is it used? Thanks for the extension!
  • Excelent !
  • Brilliant for adding formatted links to blogs and forum posts. Simple, but so useful.
  • Удобно и просто.
  • Hi! I'm a Colt User and I really love the ability to Copy Link Text or Location.

    Can I make a suggestion? This should make it more intuitive to pick your menus.

    - Copy Link Text
    - Copy Link Location

    - Copy Link Text "Amazon.com Online Shopp..."
    - Copy Link Location "http://www.amazon.com/"

    I'd love your menus to become Intuitive as illustrated above. This eliminates misclicks among those options (I frequently misclick :-/).

    So putting a preview of what we are about to copy would be very nice!

    Thank you dude for making this plugin, and I look forward to improvements! :D
  • Спасибо!
  • I have used this addon for a long time and really like it.
  • Feature request: You could make a tweak for Wikipedia for the parens?



    Here's the url copy and pasted from the address bar:

    Here's the url via the add-on:

    If you post the url (via the add-on) in a forum - it breaks.
  • colt-2.6.0-fx\chrome\content\options.js
    "Export Custom Formats" have not a local language setting...!!

    "Only show the menu items if we're on a link and it's not a mailto link" should have a GUI setting...!!!
  • it's a good plugin.
  • Very useful
  • Funktioniert gut. Einfache Bedienung.
  • Great work, Jonah! If possible though, please add the ability to filter for email addresses in bulk.

    Just today I found myself wishing I could copy all of the email addresses on a webpage (and nothing else but that, with a *@*.* filter maybe, or even *.*@*.*) Oh, and ideally you'd also be able to automatically append each address with a comma and a space (so that, yes, the whole lot of them could immediately be pasted into the Recipient field of a new email message).

    Oh-h-h yeah.
  • It is really useful add-on and it allows to save a lot of time. It is easy and simple. It uses zero resources not slowing a browser in any way.
  • Of the 5 that I tried, this is the only one that did what I wanted. The other extensions either copy all the links on the page (not what I wanted) or didn't copy the link text (the extension was broken). This is the extension that I wanted.
  • Однозначно полезно тем, кто общаясь в Сети, когда-нибудь передаёт ссылки в письмах или в сообщениях в IM-клиентах.
    Порадовало, что можно по-разному копировать ссылки: с текстом, в формате блога и в HTML. Удобный и простой в применении инструмент, который всегда под рукой в нужный момент!
    Автору огромное спасибо!
  • Excellent and much-needed tool; I highly recommend it. My one gripe is that I haven't figured out how to use the rich text feature; some explanation on the CoLT Custom Formats page would be nice.

    Two suggestions to make it more useful:

    1. provide the option of tagging a particular format as being intended for Link Context, Page Context, or both; and have that format only show up in the appropriate context menu.

    2. Conditional formatting. Give me the ability to delimit a portion of the format so that it only shows up if a particular variable isn't empty. For example:

    %T <%U>%[I (%I) ]%

    Everything appearing within %[I ... ]% would only get used if %I has a value; so if the link has a tooltip, that gets copied at the end in parentheses; otherwise, the format stops at the closing angle-bracket.
  • Excellent!!

    I maintain a personal wiki using TiddlyWiki. It was very frustrating to keep alternating between different tabs just to copy a link with Both URL and Title from the webpage to the wiki page.

    Found this superb firefox extension which makes the task really easy.

    I have one problem though. Normally I keep many, many interesting tabs open. Saving all the links is a tedious task esp. at the end of a browsing session. So I just save all the open tabs in a bookmark folder. It'd be a BIG help if Colt allowed me to select ALL the bookmarks and copy both title and url with a single click.

    Many Thanks for the superb extension!!
  • I was trying to contact the developer trough his contact page, but I was detected to be a spambot (lol), so I'm gona try it here.

    is it not possible not to display the add-on menu at the top, when we select some text on a page?

    If text is selected, I probably want to copy it and not access CoLT to copy page title and link.

    It's counter-intuitive that an extension is replacing the default and (in this case) more useful feature.

    Other than that, it seems to work quite nicely.

    Keep up the good work.
  • kab1 on Oct. 25th, wrote, "I want to use text like this:...
    But Colt doesnt write in Russian, and instead of - Все фотографии здесь, I got - abracadabra!"

    That actually is very funny. It's been a while since I got such a laughter.

    This is without any maliciousness, et cetera, towards kab1, for I definitely mean no disrespect. It's just it's innocently funny.

    And, I give a 4 of 5 ranking for now, only due to not having tried this extension. It'll shortly be installed.
  • I want to use text like this:
    • Все фотографии здесь:

    But Colt doesnt write in Russian, and instead of - Все фотографии здесь, I got - abracadabra!

    Developer response

    This will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for reporting this problem!
  • http://www.borngeek.com/downloads/colt/colt_2_5_3.xpi
  • I love your extension. Thanks for this great tool.

    Greetz from Australia.
  • Thank you for this essential time-saver, the maxVersion bump worked a treat. Any plans for a Chrome version?