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  • Simple et efficace. Merci à vous Jonah Bishop.
  • It has always done what it was supposed to do. I've used this add-on for years, so many I have no idea how many.

    It's sad that it's not being kept up with FF anymore.

    Many thanks to Jonah Bishop for making my life easier for so many years.
  • It was great addon.
    For user who want alternative , consider https://addons.mozilla.org/zh-TW/firefox/addon/format-link3
  • I use it all the time for work. I'm hoping it will work in, or be updated for, Firefox 57 . . .
  • It's a pity that is not updated anymore, and I struggle to find an equivalent that is webextension based.

    I have found two modules that put together have somewhat the same features:
  • Hiya,

    The "Copy Link Text and Location" function does not work, nothing's copied when I select that option. The other two ("Copy Link Text" and "Copy Page Title and Location") work okay though. Any way to work around this? Thanks.

    FF 53.0.3, OS X Mavericks
  • ※日本語表記対応
  • Really good. Using for making magnet links from hashes.
  • Please make this good addon compatible for e10s. Thanks.
  • Nice addon but outdated.
    Does not support e10s.
  • can it be installed in firefox android??

    my Android version 5.5.1
    my firefox version 50.*
  • I am using to copy Page Title and URL for posting online. Working well ...
  • There are similar extensions for Chrome but CoLT just rocks!
  • The best Link Copier addons for Mozilla FireFox.
    I request you, please please add a new feature, that collect and save all links copy by CoLT in Local drive any place, user choice.
  • Using it since Years, helping in Work. I hope it stays in future Releases of FF.
  • copy link text/text(img) & url work.
    Firefox36.0.4:Firefox Beta 37.0:Firefox Aurora(Developer Edition) 38.0a2(ID:20150328004005)

    copy link text/text(img) & url does not work.
    Firefox Nightly 39.0a1(ID:20150328030209)
    I do not support alpha and beta versions of Firefox; only publicly released versions. I am aware that CoLT does not work with the new multi-process changes coming, and am working on a fix.
  • Fantastic Add-on, very complete and functional, very customizable, works well with Firefox 36, Thank you a lot.
  • This add-on works great so far, but what would really be useful is to be able to copy only "selected" text. When holding "ALT" key, it is possible to highlight only part of the URL text. However, currently even with just part of the text highlighted, "Copy Link Text" will copy all text, not just the highlighted portion.
  • Could You please add a keyboard shortcut feature?!
    This would save us a lot of time, effort, and would give us more flexibility!
  • This addon has saved me so much time in my work on the Web. Instead of copying a title, then pasting, then going back and copying the URL, then pasting, it's just one copy (and in differents formats too!) and one paste! Thanks!
  • I have been using this for many years without ANY flaws.


    I see that people that give this less than 5 stars are asking for extra features; SO LAME. If you want more features you should donate and ask the developer directly.
  • I use it all the time, but I often click on "copy to URL" instead, so an icon would be beneficial.
  • This extension works well but needs two more features to get a full five stars from me:

    1) When you ctrl-c to copy when nothing is selected it should copy the page url and title (in your favorite format) to the clipboard. There is another extension called CopyFixer that does this but it doesn't allow you to specify the formatting as nicely as CoLT

    2) Add access to the meta description. It would be nice to get a long format description about the page including the meta description for when you want to link to the page with a blurb about the page as well. The "Copy Title and Description" extension allows the meta description to be copied from a context menu, but it doesn't have good control over the formatting like CoLT does.
  • Awesome endeed
  • Awesome!