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1,263 reviews for this add-on
  • I like colorful tabs but with today\'s update I don\'t get the color on the tabs anymore and I can\'t set them to automatically refresh every few minutes. Anyone out there give me some help? Thanks.

  • Great addon! I've only had it for a few hours now and I already love it. I wish that there were more spots for chosen URLs to have custom colors, as five is generally not enough. Great working addon, however!

  • Good attempt. Muted colors very difficult for my man-eye to distinguish. Couldn't set the default color palette. Would like to disable the random / uri-based colorization except for the presets. i.e., eliminate meaningless colorization leaving tabs outside the preset list as gray (or default per theme). Preset list is far too limited with only a half dozen presets. Perhaps integrate tab color settings with the cookie exception list. I, personally, had difficulty identifying the selected tab. Color chooser was cumbersome. Default color code format, RGB (rrr, ggg, bbb) is an annoying way to enter colors manually. Discovering HTML color descriptions were usable was a plus (#rrggbb). Base-10 color description should be entered using three fields accepting just the numbers. Hex/HTML value color description should not require the "#" entry. It would also be cool if, when I assign a color to a tab, it would remember that tab color with the bookmark. All-in-all, there is great potential, but no real benefit to me at this time.

  • Great

  • I love this add-on however, I did find one issue. I have FF3 beta4 and the add-on from your site works great except when I have the iMacros add-on enabled (then it just doesn't seem to work at all). I don't know if this is an issue with their code or yours but I thought I'd let you know. Thanks for an awesome extension!

  • Great visual organizer, colorful, but not shocking colors. My only regret is that I can't omit orange. :-) Thanks Varun!

  • Awesome addon! It was *exactly* what I was looking for!

    I tried to leave fb at your site, but can't find the apposite form. *headdesk* I just wanted to let you know that ColorfulTabs doesn't work with RedShift V2 (theme). I uninstalled it cos I love your addon better eheh ;)

  • I don't know if I've ever seen something so functional. I really love the way these colored tabs make my web browsing easier.

    Thank you!

  • Genius is sometimes found in simplicity and here is another example of that. Refreshing and sweet like sherbet on a hot day. Thank you for brightening up my screen!

  • i love this add-on!!! it gives color to my life and my firefox! :P

  • I really wish the active tab was easier to differentiate; maybe a stronger shadowing effect.

  • Great add-on! In the next update you should make it so that you can enter in domains and make colors for those!

  • Permite ver claramente la pestaña activa y es bonito

  • Thank you, I love using this add-on! My theme is Phoenity Modern and tabs are nice and colorful. I notice that the new updated version says transparent do I enable this?

  • Hey, they era COLOURFUL and GLASSY! Yay~!
    I totally love this one! Can't browse without it installed - I feel totally lost in the sea (yup, even an ocean sometimes) of open tabs trying to guess which one starts where...

    I don't know about theme compartability and problems about that... yet. But I'll make sure to inform if any troubles occure.

    info: running firefox 3.0 b2

  • I really like this add on with M$N Windozzze Vi$ta; however it is not compatible with my most current version of Kubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy)


  • very nice extension, but uninstalled it as I cannot find my active tab as they are all colored. at least give the option to keep active tabs in a prescribed color, and as another user suggested, have custom colors, like the gmail tab could always be blue.

  • Your \"Colorful Tabs\" Extension is outstanding, and I wanted to take a moment to commend you on the excellent work. Would you be willing to field a suggestion for a future version? Because some of the text on the tabs can be difficult to read (depending on the color), can you include an option to allow the user to pre-define colors for a set number of tabs (say 10-12?). \r\n\r\nFor example, we could say that the first tab would always be dark blue, the second always dark red, the third orange, and so on. This way, only the colors a user defines will show up - ensuring maximum legibility of all tabs, especially for non-default theme users.\r\n\r\nI\'m not a programmer, but I don\'t think this code would be difficult to implement. I\'m sure many folks would utilize such a feature, and I hope that you will consider it. Thanks!

  • I really liked this add-on when I had the default theme, but it doesn't really work with the popular NASA Night Launch theme. It doesn't color the tabs, though it does fade out deselected tabs, a feature for which I am very grateful. +8 for the features, -2 for the inability to color in a theme other than default.

  • Small, simple and useful - this feature should be incorporated into the main prog.

  • I'd really like a setting so I could tell it to have all tabs from the same root domain and sub domains the same color (instead of being different from I don't want to force others to have it this way, but I'd like the option for me. Thanks :D

  • Very clean, and very, very nice. Simplest and most useful extension I have downloaded. Makes it simple to view the separate tabs. Should be incorporated into Firefox!

  • Prior to installing this, I always had trouble quickly seeing which tab was my active tab; as well, I also had trouble quickly scanning all the tabs to see what they all were. I find that choosing the option of ColorFading level "7" along with the option of generating colors by URL makes it extremely easy for me to find the tabs I want. It is lightweight, and it doesn't conflict with other Tab extensions that I like such as LastTab and Taboo. A 10 out of 10.

  • I love this add-on! It's a simple little thing that adds color to my life.

  • I'd give this a MINUS 3 if I could. Version 2.0.1 deserves a 10, but no version since then has worked for me on various versions of Firefox (I'm currently on on Mandriva Linux 2007.0).