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ColorfulTabs is no longer compatible with any Firefox Personas except the default ones. I used ColorfulTabs for years and was extremely happy with it. Unfortunately the developer has chosen to not allow personas with ColorfulTabs therefore, I cannot use it any more and recommend anyone who likes personas not to use it either. I messaged the developer but was completely ignored. 'Nuff said.

Edit: I see no way to respond to your comment except to edit my review:

There is no way to get support at the website you provided. You only answer about half of the questions posted there. I posted a question months ago about colorfultabs and classic theme restorer and you never answered it. Anyway, I thought my initial review was quite clear. ColorfulTabs does not work with any Firefox themes except the default ones. I do not like the default ones. Therefore I cannot use ColorfulTabs any more until you see fit to make it compatible with Firefox personas.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (31.2.0). 

Hi NavyRet, I didn't receive any mail from you. Support is provided at https://www.addongenie.com/ Pls do mention the steps of how I can duplicate the issue at my end. Thanks.