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  • The Add-On does what it should.
    It gives websites a darker background/style and brighter text and different configurations can be used for different websites.

    Until you try to remove it...
    Then for a lot of websites some elements stay black, like the searchbar in most search-engines like startpage, yahoo.
    Even purging firefox, deleting the usersfolder and reinstalling is not solving the problem.

    Be careful with this addon and if you got any solutions to the problem send me a message.

    Developer response

    Sorry you're experiencing that problem.

    Color Toggle works by changing the browser's own color settings. If you uninstall it while colors are toggled, they will stay that way. You have two options:

    1. Reinstall Color Toggle, switch the colors back to normal, uninstall again.

    2. Go to Preferences > Content > Colors and change the colors manually.

    Hope this helps!

  • Почините, перестало работать в FF 53

  • Broken and even removal doesn't revert pages to non-dark style. Developer appears unwilling to fix it.

  • Please update. It's broken now. It used to be a great plugin for tired eyes.

  • After update to 52, the settings was reseted automatically and now extension does not work anymore. When I click OK In the settings window - nothing happens.

  • Would be much grateful if the author could provide another Color-Toggle icon in lighter color in a next upgrade of the extension. This icon in a lighter color will give some contrast to my browser interface color which is off black. Thank you.

  • Would be great if there would be a version for android and Thunderbird too.

    Very nice work!

  • great extension but it doesn't work (fully) anymore, just letting people know.

    The colour override function doesn't work properly anymore, the native color override of firefox' option menu has a higher priority than the one in extension's "option" window which causes some problems when you want one theme to be "normal" firefox where the web designs override the basic colours and the other theme one that overrides all themes and uses solid colours.

    Now you either have to have two themes with solid colours or nothing at all. If you don't let firefox colours in the options menu override website designs then it flatout doesn't work.

  • It's nice enough, but murder to configure. After all these years it's STILL hex code only. Ever try to find a color's hex code on the web? Lotsa luck: ALL the sites list hex codes only, without sample color chips [what were they thinking?].
    And, insult to injury, when you click on CT's color chip to the right of hex code field, you get the standard Firefox color field. Think about that: one usually goes to an add-on like this to access other colors than FF provides. Doh!
    I couldn't find the gray i was looking for, so just gave up and uninstalled CT.

  • It works great, thank you

  • Oh,I didn't know there was a download page for older versions,sorry.
    Solved,thank you very much.Very kind of you.
    I was a fan of this add-on,but on Version 0.16,the "allow page to override these settings" option doesn't work with my firefox 29.0.
    I know my firefox is old,but could I have an old version of this add-on or something?

    Developer response

    You can install version 0.15 from this page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/color-toggle/versions/

    Sorry for the inconvenience. I will see if there's a way to make it compatible with Firefox 37 as well as with older versions.

  • this doesnt work with 37.0.1 (probably the worse ff update ever).
    37 broke it so bad it wont even work when reverting back to version 36.

    ct isnt that great anyway, half of webpages dont display properly and most annoyingly it doesnt show what you type in google.

    Developer response

    The latest update (0.16) works with 37.0.1.

    The problem you mention with Google (and other) webpages is actually a bug in Firefox. I filed it some time ago and it has never been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Used to work great. Firefox version 37 broke this. Does not work any longer. Will there be a fix?

    Developer response

    Yes, expect a fix shortly. Thanks!

  • while it still works on the about:blank page, color toggle doesnt work on any website anymore.

  • This is a fine bit of work. Switching back and forth between color schemes works well and the default dark theme is well designed.

    I will file tickets on a couple of minor issues, but a recommendation for the product blurb: it really needs to say "Light Text on Dark Background" or "Light on Dark" or "Change Web Page Text Colors" or all of the above.

    I suspect most of the people who want this want light on dark, and your extension doesn't come up when searching for these terms. I found this extension by reading comments for a different (and probably inferior) web page color switcher.

  • 火狐手机版也没有自带的夜间模式!

  • Does exactly what I want. One click (or one hotkey combo) and I'm in night mode. Click again, back to normal. Page response is immediate. Great little add on, I use this multiple times a day.

  • Works well on desktop. An android version would be very useful.

  • Just what I needed. I would rather have something that modifies all white backgrounds only, but for now this will do. I like the fact that I can simply click a button to turn default styles back on when I can't see background images. Firefox/Cyberfox 33.

    (Alternative: "I hate white" userscript -- works 50% of the time. If anyone knows of another please post it.) (Alternative2: The "Toolbar buttons" extension has a Toggle colours button.) Compatible with Firefox 33.

  • This doesn't work on 27.0.1. I also can't get one other to work. If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

  • 非常好用。有中文,可能根据系统语言而来。我用于系统设置和允许页面设置之间切换。谢谢组件的作者,谢谢您!

  • But I have few proposals.
    1. The checkbox "Let pages override these settings" actually switches off this profile and we can switch between original and only one profile. It would be better to take off this checkbox from options and add to toggling:
    Profile1 -> Original -> Profile2 -> Original.
    Now we can have dinamically 2 profiles and switch among them.
    2. The second proposal is more complex, but more attractive.
    To allow to use wallpaper as background (sic!)
    I understand, that it is impossible to choose one forground text color for such "mixed" background. But!!! When I highliht some portion of text it gets its "private" background (individually for highlighted portion of text). So, if it is possible to define color for "dedicated for text" background such text will be readable.
    If it is possible to have customisable opacity for such "dedicated for text" background, it will not fully hide the wallpaper and simultaneously will allow to read the text.
    3. The third proposal is relatively easy. Let assume, that the addon doesn't have two separate parts for profile settings in option menu. It will have only one set of settings, but will include small input field, where user can give a name for chosen setting scheme and save this scheme by this name.
    By such way user can have unlimited set of profiles that can be randomly chosen by hot key toggling or CT toggler button in addon bar.
    Of course, user should be able to remove some profiles or (in addition) to make them inactive (i.e. they will not participate in random choose).
    Such addon will revolve the browser - it will add some "unexpectation" surprising.
    Thank you

  • Brilliantly simple & working. One can't ask for more.

  • Can not set input and textarea text color

    Developer response

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Bug #7 (http://code.google.com/p/colortoggle/issues/detail?id=7) filed.

    Please feel free to go to the tracker and provide more information to ensure I understand your request correctly.

  • Simple Effective Addon that Always Works:
    Toggle your custom colors on, toggle off to restore the page's original colors.
    Ease Eye Strain and Stress; Change colors that bug your eyes, OR trigger PTSD like red can...
    The only con is that links will appear red as you hold down right click.