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  • This app was fantastic provided access to be able to read/view websites that had accessibility issues. Color that site was my top accessibility tool and I am now feeling lost without it. It was the only app that provides the best way to change and save the colours of the websites. Other apps I have to keep turning on and off or use a screen reader to access some website. This was my most used app and having now upgraded firefox in the last week I am feeling the loss of this app. Maybe the developer will update the app as I have not found an app that works as well as Color that site.
  • cette outil est indispensable pour rendre accessible la consultation de pages qui ont fait des choix de mise en page, de couleur qui déclenchent des douleurs oculaire
  • This extension helps so much with my eye problems and with the poor color coordination of a lot of the internet. I hope the developer updates it for the new firefox, because I really miss it!!
  • I love this add on, the ability to change the colour of a website to your taste is absolutely super. The best add on on firefox. I just wished it worked on the new Quantum update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Amazing addon. Please update for compatibility with Firefox Quantum!
  • I love this add on, the ability to change the colour of a website to your taste is absolutely brilliant, The best add on on firefox IMO I just wished it worked on the new Quantum update.
  • I can easily avoid eye strain!!! it's the best... I'm using it now for years
  • Não funciona na versão 56.0.2 do Firefox. Doesn't work on Firefox 56.0.2.
  • very excellent addon
    could you update it to works in nightly pleaz ?!!!!!
  • Excellent, thank you very much.
    Probably will and has saved me $$$.

    Seems one or more of my monitors has or had a power problem with an all white background on one or more windows, the monitor would shut down and or flash on and off. Changing the background color to a light grey prevents the monitor from flashing, or turning off.

    A desired option on web sites. The background color change should follow on all sub pages of the web site. (i.e., www.yahoo.com/XXXXX), any “sub” web page that has the same color background as the main page; unless specified otherwise ( after the single backslash for the “web address” (XXXXX means don’t care)

    If it was a power problem, this also might save energy.

    Thanks again.
  • I need to use only one tab.
    Do not want to use on site or domain page.
    I just want the current tab!

    Please put option to activate only in the current tab selected!
  • Very useful
  • But we need E10 Multiprocess compatibility to keep using it .
  • Update : Please update it for the new Firefox Quantum Version, I miss it !

    This is exactly what I needed ! Works very well, don't slows your browser as well. Now I have an uniformised dark and gold theme on all my main sites, thanks !
  • I tried and loved it - Quick and easy work around for writing new style scripts for each website.
    Thank you (^_^)
  • With this add-on you have total control over the colours of a page. It works very well when you want to switch colours from light to dark.
  • I love this add-on
  • Sorry but this addon is worthless,
    i've tried to change the font color of many sites,
    and nothing happens.
    It's better to use UserChrome.css to style a website as i have knowledge of html and css then to use this worthless addon.
    I just want to state that (for me) my add-on still works as expected. Perhaps it is not the easiest to use (but should usually be easier than writing your own css). And the add-on is certainly not perfect. Anyway, it should work. If it doesn't work at all, then there's maybe a compatibility issue. In that case it would be helpful to state the exact Firefox version used, the OS and one website where it does not work.
  • I had to create an account just so I could come here and comment on this Add-On. I use it for every site I frequently use. I've created some amazing color schemes. Thanks Michael.
  • very helpfull
  • Hello, I am very happy with this addon.
    I have 11 same environment their are look same.
    It is for me craizy find where I am . Now the problem is solved.
    Thank you very much.
    This tool is for graphical oriented people not for charcter oriented people .

    Best thing is I can share my grafical setting for other team member.
    I can turn off in second when I want to present to customer somethings.

    Work with picture is little problem but important is I can change color of :


    P.S.: This add on has big potencial
  • http://linuxtodoslosdias.blogspot.com.ar/2016/05/usa-este-plugin-de-firefox-para.html
  • Allows me to easily style the sites I often visit.
  • Идеально сделано!! Приятно и красиво смотрится!