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  • it is useful tool, i hope it can be used in firefox 5.0 as soon as possible.

  • Really good add-on. But it is a pity that the add-on must use java.

  • Bypassing http proxies is great, after handle resolution browser redirects to url and in the address bar url is appeared. It would be nice to see handle name in the address bar to utilize multilingual property of handle naming. But at the end nice extension for my browsers, thanks guys.

  • I do like it, however, just as the other doi protocol resolver it does not automatically remove the space between "doi:" and the rest of the address. Dois never have spaces so it should be trivial to get rid of all spaces.

  • This extension is fantastic as it allows you to bypass the hdl.handle.net and dx.doi.org proxy servers to resolve Handle identifiers and DOIs quickly and directly.

    The "don't redirect" option lets you inspect the attributes of these identifiers rather than simply redirecting to their default location... very useful!