Down... 4 days now... Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hi All,

Maybe there is a slim hope that Clusterurl will revive itself, but 4 days down is an eternity on the internet...

I understand that things move quickly on the internet, and indeed it seems that something *like* clusterurl is now native to FireFox4.

However, I have invested heavily in Clusterurl's; and it would have been nice if there was some sort of Heads Up that the service was going belly-up so that I could have harvested my clusters.

Indeed, if anyone out there reading this is affiliated with Clusterurl's (or even knows a guy that knows a gal...) that might be able to put a data-dump (of the not marked private) Clusters out on a public Google-Docs spreadsheet that would be *fantastic*! -- (making it obvious somehow what was the key that linked a cluster to my machine -- presuming macid, but not certain -- um if macid, then maybe md5(macid) would be better... whatever).

As I say, I invested heavily in clusterurl's. I had one for my homepage. I had two for work home pages (for the two major facets of my job). I used them like I used to use delicious -- but I found them better since they were visual.

Further, I could *create* them in FireFox, but just share the URL with anyone (FireFox user or not).

Great for Grouping interests; you can infer how I used clusters named eLearning, Recent Purchases, BuyMe, MakeMe, OrderOut, CSS ZenGarden Favorites and so on...

If it ever *does* come back, I *highly* recommend it! If it is gone forever, thanks for the service while it lasted -- I will miss it!