Rated 1 out of 5 stars

It isn't that great, It's only clustering the last site/page you went to in the tab. It's not clustering the tab. It should really be called cluster links not cluster tabs, because it has nothing to do with the tabs excepted for the fact that it closes the tab after you "put it in the cluster". I just with I could give it a (negative) -5 star.

‘Tab-History’ explained

You’re recycling the same Ill-Informed comment. I will try to explain how our product works. It might ‘not’ be the best fit for your needs that is why there are over 180k add-ons on the Firefox network.

The picture of the thumbnail and the starting point of its history are both based on the last URL of the 'added-tab'. The thumbnail starts tracking history when you open them from within a clustertab.

1. Add a tab to a cluster
2. Click on the thumbnail
3. Continue browsing
4. Click on the arrow that moves the tab back into the cluster
5. Click on the thumbnail again you'll see the entire history was reloaded into the tab

I doubt that you interest in reviewing the products are genuine, but if they are and you have future questions please visit our help desk page