Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I've just installed your addon and it's very good.

Could you please add a toolbar button and a statusbar too?
And, the user will be able to choose which of the three (cascaded tab context menu, toolbar button and/or statusbar icon) he wants.
Also, make them so that:
- the toolbar button to be a dropdown menu button (similar to that of the DownThemAll addon),
in which the user can select what he wants to do (close blank tabs/close duplicate tabs,etc)
- for the statusbar icon, the user to be able to set in the "options" of the addon(now there isn't such)
what it will do (close blank tabs/close duplicate tabs,etc) when you press it .

And, please add another option: "close blank and duplicate tabs" (two options combined in one)

Thank you