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  • Still works in Seamonkey 2.48.

  • Although the feature is great, it caused a giant memory leak: private bytes only 700 MB, but memory set 2.3 GB.

  • works properly with Waterfox 32.0 too (manually installed)
    4 stars due to the fact that
    mentiones Not available for Firefox

  • Love this addon. I realize that Firefox now offers "Close tabs to the right" as an OOTB feature, but this has MUCH more robust options (including my other favorites, "Close duplicate tabs" + "Close tabs to the left").

    I saw the earlier comment about being incompatible with FF v22.0. I suspect that this was probably from an upgrade (I had problems with a lot of my addons for that version, but a fresh install / manual re-add fixed most of them). I have been successfully using Closy for (at least) v22 thru v28, and it seems to be working fine on v29.0 as well (fresh install). I am a very heavy user of tabs, and I use this all the time. Highly recommended.

  • Very good and convenient, can remove tabs with duplicate URLs and much more

  • I tried to install this add-on and got an error message saying it couldn't be installed because it was not compatible with Firefox Version 22.0

  • It should not close pinned tabs when use right or left side close.

  • An excellent addon for managing many tabs, when you want to close all the tabs from a certain host or website, or close all to the left or right of the current tab. Could you please add some functionality to load tabs progressively a few at a time when opening a lot of saved websites at once? That would make this even more useful to those who browse and bookmark many tabs.

  • Could you make Closy for Seamonkey, I just hate that they will not put a close tab x on the tabs..

  • Closy does not appear on my tab context menu. Where is it? Why can't I see it? I used to be able to use it (and I found it very helpful), but now it's gone. I have Firefox 12.0.

  • This add-on is so useful to me!Can you please add a toolbar button? It's the only thing missing on this add-on to be perfect! :)Thank you!

  • Say I have two groups of tabs (FF4.0.1). I am working in the first group. I select some tab, choose "Close Tabs to the Right" and Closy closes tabs to the right AND ALL TABS in second group. Very BAD!!!

  • Works great for most parts. In FF4 however, when you click "Close Tabs to the Left" it closes "Pinned" tabs as well. Please fix in next update. Otherwise great extension.

  • I've just installed your addon and it's very good.

    Could you please add a toolbar button and a statusbar too?
    And, the user will be able to choose which of the three (cascaded tab context menu, toolbar button and/or statusbar icon) he wants.
    Also, make them so that:
    - the toolbar button to be a dropdown menu button (similar to that of the DownThemAll addon),
    in which the user can select what he wants to do (close blank tabs/close duplicate tabs,etc)
    - for the statusbar icon, the user to be able to set in the "options" of the addon(now there isn't such)
    what it will do (close blank tabs/close duplicate tabs,etc) when you press it .

    And, please add another option: "close blank and duplicate tabs" (two options combined in one)

    Thank you

  • Very good add-on. Just make the close 'tabs with text in title' case *insensitive*. It's a pain to close all the ones like 'Regular expressions', 'regular expressions', 'Regular Expressions' etc separately.

  • Works great.
    It would be helpful to have a small history for e.g. "Close Tabs with title..." so you can chose from titles you have formerly used. (Perhaps this could be configurable: remember number of titles 0..10.)

  • It's cool, but could you please assign functions to buttons like remove tabs? That would be nice!
    Thank You!

  • Still Works!

  • This promised to be a very useful add-on, unfortunately, upon choosing the option Close Duplicate Tabs, none of the open tabs that were duplicates (same URL) were closed. The author should really test before releasing.

  • For Closy v1.7.0Firefox1.0–3.7a3pre :

    I) Change please:
    Close Duplicate Tabs
    Close Duplicate Link For All Tabs
    and add
    Close Duplicate Link For This Tab

    Ibis) Change please:
    Closes all other tabs that has the same host as this one
    Close Duplicate Host For This Tab
    and add
    Close Duplicate Host For All Tabs

    II) Rearrange the menu then... ;-) I use the length of the text (in French) to sort the menus based on the functions involved. Thank you to take notes.

    IIbis) Please add a function to rearrange your sub-menu with the option to move the official menu in your menu, and offering the possibility of renaming them (ourselves but with your suggestions by default) to align the menu visually and for with a menu item based on the same basic text. With the possibility to disable a item.

    (Sorry for my english, i'm french, but the proposed changes in english are ok!) (I can not give you money with PayPal, confused.)

    Thank you very much and thank you very much for accepting my 'user' feedback ;-)

    Note: Your blog site (gemal.dk) is a source of irritation because the security code for posting comments does not work or is a fake. Thank you.

  • Very good extension, and thank you for the latest updates.
    very useful indeed.
    but it doesn't act will with "bartap" extension.
    if it happened this will be big.

  • very weird behaviour with close duplicate tabs. Also closes tabs that are not duplicates. probably due to the fact that I have like 200 tabs open.

  • This extension works fine in firefox 3.6
    A configurable button for toolbar would be perfect! ;-)

  • @Drakulian - I had this problem too.
    I found "ColorfulTabs" (v4.1 as I type) conflicted with "Closy" (v1.4.0). I will live without pretty colors for my tabs so I can close dup tabs (why this addon is fantastic). So "ColorfulTabs" got disabled and "Closy" works well.

    PS To author of "Closy" maybe you can research the conflict with "ColorfulTabs" and hopefully resolve the problem? Thanks!

  • I don't need all the feature from TabMixPlus, so I'm very happy with this add-on!

    @Drakulian: It doesn't disappeared in the last years on my PC, maybe you have another add-on that doesn't cooperate with it...

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