Conflict with Status-4-evar Location Bar progress meter Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Will not sign-up for account at due to warning that e-mail address will be publicly visible.

Changes, drastically, the display of the Location Bar progress meter using Status-4-Evar: (1) pushes URL to center of Location Bar and truncates left end of URL when too long - SHOULD do neither, (2) changes progress meter from "fill" (color) to thin vertically centered line (color) - SHOULD leave as "fill" (color)..

Tested with both Firefox 8 and Firefox 9 beta (each with its own profile).

Would have given a 5 star for prior version, but a 1 star due to this interference with another extension.

Please fix.

EDIT 2011-11-22: Mailed developer full details with 3 images as requested in developer's response below. Any resolution/developments will be posted as further edit(s) below this edit..

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Unable to reproduce

I tried to reproduce your problem, but I was unable to see anything usefull to fix it. Can you check again that the problem is linked to Close'n Forget, by disabling / enabling it ?
Please send me detail to by PM to benoit.bailleux on