Recapturing Privacy after Site Visits... Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thank You benoitb !

I have your extensions Close Button on my Toolbar
just to the right of my Location Bar and use it
to close all Open Tabs with few exceptions.

I especially enjoy the options of allowing me to
choose to 'keep' my session history of 'sites' that
I have visited in my recent history but killing the
sites tracking cookies when I close that site.

Websites Track and Share Cookies via huge networks
to deliver 'targeted advertising' so they claim.
This is just fine within one site/domain to target
clicks and ads as cookies used this way ARE valuable
for click information, content, and shopping carts
logins and more...

However Close'n forget puts some history privacy
back in the hands of the average user and
stops the perverse desires to Profile, Track, Store
& then TARGET millions of users per second
long after they have left the site or domain !

To gain the Full Benefits of Close'n forget, it would be
advisable to "uncheck the box" to NOT ACCEPT
ANY third-party cookies via Tools/Options/Privacy Tab.

With Close'n forget Addon and no third-party cookies
allowed it is now possible to eliminate upwards of 99%
of all websites attempts from loading millions of megabytes
per second on millions of unsuspecting users hard drives.

There are still a few websites that will manage to get
cookies past the above protection and then track users
up to the year 2037 as they visit completely unrelated sites.

These 1% rogue cookies will be removed when
you restart firefox providing you have Cookies
to be kept only 'until I close Firefox' in Mozilla's
Tools/Options/Privacy Tab setting.

Many users enjoy combining the 'Cookie Manager Button'
extension to the Toolbar ( I have replaced the blue
button image for the Cookie Manager Button with a better one).

Now you can simply make one click and can view any
rogue cookies that got forced through using domain
spoofing techniques and then Delete them right
there in the Cookie Manager with one click.

Long Live Mozilla...


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.6.4).