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  • real nice and fast & easy to use
    Firefox 57 (vrijgegeven op 14 november 2017) werken alleen nog add-ons die zijn gebouwd met WebExtensions-API’s
  • Very good adon, but it is not wokring good with new Firefox (Waterfox).

    Needs updating or anyone knows good replacement ?
  • This is a very useful plugin. I really like it and use it pretty often. Sadly, it gets disabled in the latest versions of Firefox, because it is not compatible. The last update was in 2016. It would be very sad if we had to wave goodbye to this plugin.
  • I like this add-on really well, because it helps to keep the history clean, almost like private mode. But starting with FF 54.0.1 it doesn't work anymore. Unfortunately this addon seems to be abondoned by the developer. Is there anybody who is able and willing to continue?
  • Using this add-on to close a Google tab after logging off doesn't do much of anything - when I go to a Google page again it addresses my by name. Only after closing FF using private browsing does this not happen. This extension is supposed to prevent exactly this.
  • nice idea, nice tool.
    but not working with PaleMoon 26 + TabMixPlus
    how pity!
  • Great addon. It's an addon that I can't be without. Be aware that it does not clear out cross domain connections. If you logout of Google you are still connected to Google via Youtube. So, just be aware of those businesses that use multiple cookies under different names. Who knows what other junk cookies are used to spy on your browsing. Websites can easily cross link to other domains to set data in those domains cookies. So using this addon will only delete cookies and cache of the domain that is shown in the browser url and will not touch the cookies that were indirectly created via script loading, frames or other means. Cheers.
  • Used to work great but ever since I reinstalled FF24 (XP SP3) it just closes ALL TABS. Tried all options, button and context menu. Tried reinstalling from file as well as fresh from AMO (ver. 0.11.6). Any ideas on how to make it work right again?
  • Cela ne semble pas fonctionner avec les comptes Gmail - It seems not working with Gmail account.
  • perfect, work like a charm.
    the previous commenter [MrsNiko] completely wrong i think there is something in her FF or PC because i have no problem with this lovely add-on.
  • Suddenly he stop working for me, with last update (0.11.6)? with previous version 0.11.5 working like a charm.
  • C'est tout bon, je remets donc les 5 étoiles méritées pour ce module.
    It works, so i put the 5 star appreciation this add-on deserves :)
  • It works fine right now (since yesterday evening)
  • Dear Mozilla-Crew: please hurry up reviewing this add-on!

    Its malfunctioning in FF22 is the only reason that keeps me from updating my FF21. In fact it was the reason why I downgraded to FF21 again!
  • Does what is says. I would really like to see the close-n-forget icon on the tab instead of the toolbars.
  • this. I knew I shouldn't have updated.

    by benoitb (Developer) on July 14, 2013 · permalink
    No, it's ok. tyvm. I downgraded.
    Hi Nestea_Zen,
    I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I have uploaded (on the 4th of July) a version that fix your problem, but the Mozilla guys seem to be extremely busy and my submission is still waiting for review (66th upon 186). You can mail me privately if you want me to send you the XPI in the mean time...
  • Broken in FF22 (as many others have already noted). I've reverted back to FF21 because this extension has become indispensible in my workflow (due to the way I use history to track things). I hope the author fixes it soon as I would like to take advantage of using newer versions of FF as they become available..
    The bug has been reported and identified (see https://www.mozdev.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=25479), and the fixed version is currently reviewed by Mozilla. It should land here within a few days.
    Thanks for your confidence and your patience.
  • Would have rated 5 stars but it no longer works in Firefox 22.

    Even after manually disabling ALL other extensions, the same symptoms as everyone else: see "## cookies deleted" but does not close tab. Also does not work in Firefox (Beta) 22b6 (have not yet updated to 23b1), Firefox (Aurora) 23a2 (have not yet updated to 24a2), Firefox Portable (PortableApps) 22, all with separate profiles.

    Maybe something to do with New Private Window and changes made by developers to accomodate that feature??

    Cleared Error Console, click button, in Error Console I get this

    Timestamp: 6/28/2013 05:24:42 PMError: TypeError: Components.classes['@mozilla.org/browser/global-history;2'] is undefinedSource File: chrome://closeforget/content/closeforgetcodeOverlay.jsLine: 71
  • Just as the others have reported - not working now.

    Plus - reminder - I still really dislike the blood-red toolbar button. Author promised to change it years ago.
  • Unfortunately this excellent add-on stopped working for me too since the upgrade to FF22.0 (MacOSX 10.8.4)
    Both the button and alt-w do absolutely nothing.
  • i have the same problem, stoped working in firefox 22, i have the first 4 options activated of the 6. i click close and nothing happens, just show "XX cookies removed" in the bottom of the page
  • Excellent extension but unfortunately stopped working after fx had been updated to v.22.0 . Can it be fixed in any way?
    Update 1.
    It just does nothing. The tab does not close, no cookies nor history entries are removed.Fx 22.0 , Ubuntu 12.04 32bit
    Update 2.
    Fx 22b6 - behaviour as described above, but when I open a new empty tab it can be closed by Close'n forget.

    I'm sorry to see that you have problem with C'nF. I use it with Firefox Aurora 23.0a2, without any visible problem. Can you give me some details to help me diagnose and try to fix the problem? Thanks in advance.
  • "Close'nForget" is inconvenient. I wish "Close'nForget" would control the CLOSE icons on ALL THE TABS. I'm talking about the little close icon on all tabs. Nearly every time I close a tab, I close the tab by clicking the close on the tab, I forget to close the close icon for "Close'nForget," which should be renamed "CloseIfYouCanRememberThis".
  • OK add-on but it would be nice if it also cleaned up the history for that pages that had been accessed by the tap that it is closing.
  • It generally works but I have to say I only really say it for others to use. Nobody else has physical access to my computers so for me I could care less about my history being seen. Also, for those who have others the sites they are on could be the real issue. If the husband or wife is in danger of finding the porn you probably need to file for divorce and land someone that you are attracted to... The fact is if they are determined enough there still will be tracks left for them to find. No single add-on can make it all go away. Furthermore your ISP is holding records for up to 18 months of your activities and who knows how much Big Brother is holding onto...

    As far as cookies the real solution is to use a dedicated cookie manager. IMO Cookie Whitelist With Buttons is the best one for making sure that no cookies get stored without your expressed permission.

    In short- this is good when used correctly and with reasonable expectations.