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  • Does what it says , but needs an 'Are You Sure?' step.
  • The button is meaningless, it is on any window. We really need an addon that, instead of closing the window, firefox throws it down (minimizes), so that the "close" button works just like "minimize". Old addons (Minimize to tray and "minimize when close, close tab (s) on Esc (Delete)") do not work! Please make such an addon.
  • gg, thx
  • This is a must have if you're running Firefox borderless on Kubuntu or any other Linux distro. Makes the window as slick as in windows 10.
  • Amazing! It's super helpful when it comes to Firefox Quantum on Linux
  • Thank you!
  • Exactly what I was looking for. I use it on Xubuntu (with XFCE). I configured my system so that there is no titlebar in maximized windows. I put the Close button into the tab bar. So I can still close the window with ease.
  • Adds a Close Window at the TAB BAR so you can close the window when the Hide TITLE Bar is active in the Customized Option
  • It is very useful under KDE and other window managers systems. Obviously not in Windows or MacOS.
  • Good for closing the whole window option, but somehow a clae tab button addon would be great...
  • Works great! A must for those of us who hide the titlebar or customize nav / bookmark / tab bar order, allowing us to put the close button wherever we want! The authors' other button addons work great as well!

    Feature Request: allow us to pick the button color so we can match our theme colors! =)
  • Great!
  • Works as stated. One little niggle is that it doesn't have the "Are you sure you want to close this window" dialog which sis a little annoying
  • Works great for firefox 57.0 on my debian gnome
  • Works great!

    But, have you ever consider a 4-in-1 addon?

    Don't know if it's possible, but an addon that would Hide the TitleBar AND show the 3 buttons would make a lot of sense (specially if we could which of the buttons to show).

    Instead of having to install 4 addons we would need just one! =)
  • It will add the "X" botton to the toolbar. So we will never need tittle bar.
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