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  • after tab closes the right click menu remains open on the next tab. Can this be changed so that the menu is auto closed?
  • It works incredibly well but causes some issues with various sites such as Facebook. Most notable symptom is dialog boxes where comments would go do not show up. I have tried it with and without the Stylus plugin. Turning Double Right Click plugin off and reloading the Facebook page seems to resolve the problem but I really, really want this feature.

    If I can provide any assistance on troubleshooting it let me know. It's an excellent add on!
  • doesn't work at all
  • It works!
  • It works, but it leaves the context menu open. Also, it doesn't close Mozilla websites. "Double Click on Page Closes Tab" has the same problem with Mozilla pages.
  • Not working.
  • Does not work
  • Does not work
  • 沒用
  • Thanks for addon. Possible to make it so I can just right click the tab to close?
  • Actually works. But need to click on the page, not on the tab.
    Nice. Leave the contextual menu open since you are using the right button. But no biggy. Anyway, it's better using the right button than the left one.
  • Quantum 57.0 (64-bit) 2017/12 Tried and Tested it and WORKS! Great and no need to hover in a TAB

    Stopped working after closing one tab. now it just ADDs a Close TAB button in the Context menu instead.

    Works in normal Tab windows to OTHER sites! except in TABS of FIREFOX Functions.
  • double right clicking to close a tab does NOT work
  • fails most of the time. Also opens context menu all the time..

    make it normal double click but will only work when you point to the tab you want to close instead of clicking on the X before you close tab.
  • nice! works 57
  • Does what is claims to, but also makes buttons on some sites unclickable. :(
  • For those who are looking for a solution for double-left-clicking:

    There is a extension called Tab Tweak which supports double-left-clicking close tab in Firefox Quantum, this extension is especially for Chinese Edition Firefox so you might find it difficult to get it from Mozilla's extension library. However, it is available at Firefox China Forum: http://mozilla.com.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=319507&highlight=%E6%A0%87%E7%AD%BE%E9%A1%B5%E4%BC%98%E5%8C%96

    Click the green button then it will be installed.

    I am using Firefox Quantum 57.0 and it works perfectly.
    Thank you :-)
    Apparently, some users are looking for an extension like the one you mentioned. That works on Firefox 57. But, I'm not sure if add-ons/extensions with that architecture would continue to remain supported.

    It seems most of the people are not reading the description before trying to use this extension. And hence not understanding that this extension is meant as a replacement for "Rights to Close" legacy extension ;-)
  • Please make a double left click option as well. Right click is not very useful because menu comes up.
    The context menu remaining open (even after the tab is closed) is a bug for Firefox-on-Windows with apparently no workarounds :-/
    For that, I'll file a bug report to Firefox.
  • Does not work at all :( I tried it on a random web page.
    Thanks for the feedback, I guess you might have double right clicked on the tab header or tried to use it on a native page or the Mozilla add-ons site itself (it doesn't work for those cases due to security/architecture reasons).

    This extension closes the active tab when you double right click anywhere on the page.
  • This flat out doesn't work most of the time. I suggest you make what people really want, a Double Click to Close Tab add on where if you left double click a tab on the bar it will close. This is a very poor replacement for that great legacy add on.
    Unfortunately it is not a replacement for the extension you are thinking of ;-)
    As already mentioned in the description, it is replacement for "Rights to Close" legacy extension.

    Can you provide any more details? Your OS, Firefox version and an example website where it didn't work for you?
  • Not sure it's possible but I think what people are asking for regarding the double left-click is the ability to double-click on the tab itself not on the page. Clicking on the tab doesn't get in the way of on page double click functionality.

    There were a number of extensions in pre 57.0 which provided that option such as:
    Thanks for the clarification :-)

    I updated my response for the comments where the users might have asked for left double click on the tab header itself.

    Apparently that is not supported in the new WebExtensions architecture used by Firefox.

    Even otherwise, the main difference between using double-click-on-tab-header (other extensions) vs double-right-click-anywhere-in-the-page (this extension) is that in this extension, the user doesn't need to move the mouse at all when closing the current page :-)
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