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Greetings, very useful extension. I have a problem in version 3.5.1. They added a "List of all tabs" button on the right corner of the Tabs bar. This is exactly where I had my "Close current tab" button. Now I can't drag it there again and I can't find a way (script, extension) to remove that useless default "List of all tabs" button! Who ever asked to make this default... Pfff. Any help please?

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A Plug for TMP

I don't think you ever could drag toolbar buttons onto the tab bar. (Wish you could, and onto the status bar, too.) As for that tab list, I disabled it through Tab Mix Plus. In fact, TMP also has an option to add a close-tab button to the tab bar. I honestly don't know if these are FF settings that TMP lets you edit, or if they're features of TMP. But with TMP you'd go to Tab Mix Plus Options > Display > Tab Bar and you'd uncheck "All tabs button" and check "Close tab button". Then you wouldn't even need my extension!