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  • This add-on saves lots of time, waiting for old tabs to re-load, just to close them. Can someone please update this for the new release. Firefox 57 dumped several essential add-ons, and this is one of the essentials.
  • Thanks a lot, I´ve been using this for a long long time.
  • System: Firefox 53.0.3, Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS

    Breaks Firefox's built-in hover over link, URL-tooltip

    Perhaps this addon is not being maintained, as the bug was reported in a much earlier review:

    "Have a problems
    by Koss G on January 11, 2014
    With this extension URL-tooltip not working"
  • This is a nice, simple and very convenient add on, Works perfectly. My only wish is that the logo were a little bolder--colored perhaps. Thanks
  • 1) Using CSS I have this large, red button on my toolbar that's easy to see and quick to click.
    2) Those tab animations that you get when clicking the close button on the tabs just don't happen; click this button, and they're just gone.

    On Fx44 now--still works (as expected from something that does one, simple job, and does it well).
  • It isn't useful but it works fine. Uhm....how can i included "close current tab" code on my local html ?
  • Works great. I am using Linux and have Firefox' title bar disabled to save space, so this is a great way to be able to close it using the mouse.
  • I used to use tab mix plus for the close until it stopped working correctly.
    Then I installed this addon but only to find it also does not work properly with multi-row tabs *sigh*
    P.S. I am on the ESR channel

    After the quick response from the developer I checked with the same FF release on 2 other computers and also could not reproduce the problem.
    I cleared all my browsing history in my profile and for the moment the close button is there again.
    So I changed my rating to xxxx.
    Nonetheless I have had the problem on my computer.
    So there are some circumstances which can lead to the strange behaviour, that the close button disappears as soon as the 2nd row of tabs is opened.
    I use TMP's multi-row tabs, and I've never seen the behavior you describe.
  • Please update this or any of the quit Firefox buttons to be able to work with Firefox version 30.0 and Android OS 4.3.3! Thanks!
  • Thanks for that useful add-on. I'm using it for closing FF (btw I'm using Pale Moon because of that recent Australis desaster).

    It seems that some user simply don't understand the use of this add-on.

    @Sandy_Lemberg: Your post is ridiculous and I have no clue what do you want to say with it.

    @Lew_Rockwell_Fan: Yes, FF already has a close button like any windowed program, but it only closes the actual window, not the program itself. That's a big difference.
  • @ Sandy: The main purpose of this is to provide a "close TAB" button. It should be renamed. It can be set to be a general close button, but firefox already has a close button like any windowed program so that is a feature few will find a use for. And if your Firefox doesn't have a close button that isn't Mozilla's fault, that's something wrong with your window manager. This does work for me - sometime - but not consistently. Trying to come up with a workable combination of addons and settings to salvage a usable UI out of the mess Mozilla made with Australis, I' ve been trying different things and sometimes this worked well, sometimes poorly, and sometimes not at all. At one point it was there in the customise window but there was no text only a lot of tiny pictures that were almost indistinguishable. I finally figured out which was Close Button and I tried to drag it to the toolbar and it dissapeared. Another time (I've unistalled and reinstalled it several times, because I NEED for this to work) I got it onto the toolbar but the icon and the sweet spot to click on were impossibly tiny. At one point a change of theme seemed to solve both problems - text showed up in the customise window and the button on the tool bar became TOTALLY invisible BUT the sweet spot spread out to cover all the remaining space on the menu bar (which I restored using Classic Theme Restore) making it plenty easy to click. But I've had to completely purge and reinstall FF since then, since it completely quit working, and now I can't drag and drop from the customise window and I can't put anything on the menu bar. Seems like before I can figure out how to configure FF they change it again. Now my problem is that Close Button doesn't show up in the customise window after I install it. So I can't get it on the toolbar. But when I had it there earlier, it did work, so I will keep trying. I don't blame the dev for this. I blame Mozilla. It's pretty hard to write software for a platform that's a rapidly and erraticly moving target. It's a wonder these guys keep trying. I think I'd have thrown in the towel. But the bottom line for me as a user is that even though Australis sucks and Mozilla devs seem to have caught the "dumb it down, pop it up, more glitter, less function" attitude (maybe they caught it from the Gnome group) FF unfortunately is, in practice, the only game in town if you want a browser with a lot of opportunity for customization. Unless you want to do a lot of coding yourself. I wish this extension had a forum. Anyway, when it works it's great. Maybe Firefox will stabilize a bit and give the extension devs a chance to catch up.
  • Thank you very much for this very useful add-on
  • Many thanks for version 0.41 which is now Firefox 29 compatible. I find this little button just so useful!
  • With this extension URL-tooltip not working

    Криво ачинает показываться полоса загрузки в адресной строке, включенная в Status-4-Evar и пропадает всплывашка над панелью инструментов (которая показывает разнычные сообщения и адрес при наведении на ссылку)
  • Works as expected, the only additional option I would like to see is to have the button ignore pinned tabs.
  • I have a layout that removes the title-bar buttons; your add-on is
    very useful in making it run smoothly.

    Thank you.

    However I need a close tab button too. And firefox won't let me
    install your add-on twice.

    I was hoping you could make an identical add-on available please?
  • I open a lot of tabs. This gives me a nice way to review and close one at a time. I keep it on the right in the bookmarks bar.
  • I removed the Firefox window border in Kubuntu to maximize the browsing space. The only thing missing is a close button now. That's where this button comes into play... :)
  • This is a neat little add-on. I used it for some years until I started using Tab Mix Plus. Now Tab Mix Plus doesn't work in Firefox 17 so I switched back to this Close Button.

    However this add-on now causes the reload page and next and previous buttons in Firefox to not work. This might be an issue with Firefox 17 since that version seems to have broken most tab related add-ons. I anyway recommend trying this add-on since it is so nice, just check that your reload page and next and previous buttons still work. If not, simply deactivate this add-on and things work normally again.
  • Small script but very useful and powerful. Last tab option is a good idea.
  • A little bigger would enhance the usability but generally it is GREAT!
  • Didn't think i'd find this being such a small thing. but this is exactly what I wanted a close current tab button that I could put anywhere I wanted and customizable too.
  • I use the option close tab option on TabMixPlus but wanted to be able to place the X where I wanted it, just wish it was more configurable, like colors, size or skins as it can be hard to see depending on what Persona or theme you are using. Over all, like others have said, its better than nothing.
  • Would like option to make it bigger, for it to match the firefox button set of the most popular versions of firefox, and if necessary to match the nasa nightlaunch theme and for there to be a size control feature, because it looks awkwardly small on the toolbar. Better than nothing though.
  • I love this button and it seems like I've used it forever. But now it is so small I can hardly ever find it. Can you make one that is a bit larger and maybe even a rollover?
    Thanks whatever you decide.