Needs Work But Has Great Potential IMHO Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Some great functions, it's almost there. It needs a specific "clock it in" purpose, It's easy enough to follow but could be much better. Needs to be a WORK WEEK calendar type It needs to be set up to a work week with the days of the week and then TOTAL each days and each weeks hours, in otherwise be already customized for a work week option. Make sense? In other words I'm using to keep track of hours, right? with a name like "clock it in" what else would you think?

To get right to the point. I like the "duration" part of the timer. It works well. But it needs to seperate the sessions within a task.

For example, I set up a project called "my hours at work" and then of course made the days of the week each as a task. Then you made it nice and easy to clock in and out, I like that, but it would be BETTER IF:
1. You could separate the sessions within a task. For example: Clocking in and out multiple times during the day. This would make it possible to show your amount of work for that particular day WITHIN the day. For most people like me who work online, this is EXACTLY the kind of responsible accounting that an employer feels good about. They can SEE your work and sometimes with a small business, its nice to see when times are tough. Most of us working online are "pioneers" like you are.

I'd love to see you do the program like it is but turn it into a weekly "calendar" that lets you sign in and out each day. And Keep the "duration" tab, it's GREAT, but I'd PREFER you change the time since started from actual minutes ago and minutes ended to the CLOCK HOURS. Like have it say "2:45 and 43 seconds instead of 165 minutes 43 seconds. THAT WOULD BE A PERFECT CLOCK IT IN. That's what I think of when I think "clock it in" and I've been looking for a NICE SIMPLE CLOCK IN PROGRAM FOREVER. I am a graphic designer for a small publication. I started working at home for the office a year ago after being in the office 10 yrs and the rest of the company moved to home offices just recently. This would be perfect for all us W2ers if you could make it calendar type/work week oriented. That would be a REAL "clock in in" IMHO.

Thanks for listening. I appreciate it.

Regards, Julie Koehler