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  • Thank you for this addon.
    works great in combination with onenote,excel,word 2010 and firefox 15.0.1.

  • 4 out of 5 Why?:
    This is definitely more effective than the print function to OneNote. However, I use OneNote docked allot and noticed that this extension does not recognize that and will open a new OneNote regardless if I have the option "Insert into current page..". So if you can get this extension to recognized a docked OneNote you will get the 5 start and I will come back and modify original review.

  • i have just started using this addon. at first it was sometimes unresponsive, though now, after restarting ff a couple of times, it is working ok.
    is there a way to turn off switching to onenote after adding every clip? it is good that i can set it to paste to the active ON page, but i don't need to see the active page after every clip, and then need to click back to firefox.

  • Excellent addon. OneNote wouldn't be the same without this app. It allows working on a really functional way. Great addon, thanx to the developers.

  • can't live without it! :)

  • It works great, but with one issue that really hampers my workflow: The clip ends with the *name* of the website clipped from, with a hyperlink. What I want, as a blogger, is the actual url — like the IE "send to Onenote" command tacks on.

    That way I can just cut and paste the url, rather than opening up the webpage.

    I fear you may have changed this feature in response to another user's request, as some screen shots show things the way I prefer.

    Is there a user option to switch to displaying url, or, if not, could you provide such an option? I'd give it 5 stars if you could do this. As is, I have to stick with IE.

  • The response is so slow that I can not bear,I hope you can do it better.

  • sa marche super bien. firefox v8 [xp home]
    merci pour ce partage

  • Search it in this folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14.
    The addon works really great, I love it.

  • i have a weird problem - i have onenote.. i run it... and it works great... but i can't find the .exe anywhere... the shortcuts on my desktop, quickstart and startmenu all go to some kind of intermediate program called "virtualization handler" which somehow runs onenote...

    ...i've searched the entire drive and the onenote.exe file doesn't exist.

    am i doing something wrong here? i have win 7, and office 2010

    Developer response

    I think you have installed MS Office version which uses the new "Click-to-Run" feature. The solution is to buy and install versions of Microsoft Office OneNote without "Click-to-Run" feature. I have discussed about this issue here: bit.ly/p7BoTZ

  • Not working for OneNote2010 and Firefox 5

    Have followed all tips, reinstalled twice and have correct path in options.

  • Working great so far for OneNote 2010 on a Windows 7 machine. Did have to make sure to set the FULL path to the OneNote.exe inside of the add-in's settings, otherwise it would not clip anything.

  • This addon DOES NOT WORK.

    Using: 'FireFox 5.0' with 'Clip to OneNote 3.2.1' & 'Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.'

    Path to OneNote set & verified: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\ONENOTE.EXE"

    Addon chrome folder under "AppData" missing upon install. No *.rdf file present.

    Toolbar button activation does nothing with or without selection.

    Context menu activation does nothing with or without selection.

    Running Windows 7 Home Premium - Service Pack 1

  • I just started using OneNote again and I'm glad someone finally made a good "send to onenote" add-on.
    It'd be nice to be able to modify what's in the tags. I'd like it if it grabbed the name of the webpage for example. That way I could quickly recognize where I clipped the content from without clicking on the link (a lot of my URLs look very similar).

    Developer response

    Hi, Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I have updated the add-on to clip title as hyperlink. You can download it here http://bit.ly/oIpJYs

  • very helpful addon

  • This kicks a$$.

  • hi
    please excuse me for bad english! !
    this is a best add on .but page images not save to onenote.
    I have a request
    please save page with image and complete.

  • Good addon. thx.

  • Excellent... saves the copy, then open OneNote and paste step :)

  • Not being able to use OneNote was keeping me from using Mozilla. This makes it nice and easy and I am happy again.

  • Glad it was update! Even works with 4b13! :)

  • Very useful addon. Using since long time. Unfortunately not working with firefox 4.0b10. Please update.

  • Looks good to me. Another great addon to keep Firefox in the game.

  • Hi!
    I just wanted to point out that the send to onenote button for the Internet Explorer Browser is an alternate way to print info. without using paper. So every time this button sends stuff to onenote it just sends a pictures of that info.

    Developer response

    This add-on does not send content as picture. It sends text as text and image as image. You will be able to edit those texts in onenote after clipping.

  • Hi! Works fine on my tablet pc (Win7 + Firefox 3.6.10 + OneNote2007). The leaking features of this great add-on according to me are:
    1) It would be nice to be alble to send only a picture to onenote (ad the Evernote addons does with Evernote) by right clicking on that particular image and then selecting "clip to onenote" from the context menu. If i do this all the web page is send to onenote. However there already are other ways to send the entire webpage.
    2) A setting option for the default color of the backround. Currently the yellow one is the only choice. Someon likes it and someone doesn't. An option to set this would make everyone happy :-)
    3) The ability to specify (every time a clip something) the OneNote notebook and section in which the clip is to be placed. Of course i can use this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3a7kO8C23c&playnext=1&videos=qJnp0qbBxUU&feature=mfu_in_order) way but i would like to be able to chose each time i clip something, where i want to send that content. Think of a univeristy student use of OneNote. Each semester there are at least 4 to 6 notebooks belonging to 4 to 6 different courses. In this situation the student is working at the same time on 6 notebooks; so everytime the student clips something from the internet, this content can deal with one of the 6 courses. Hence, to be able to chose the target notebook would be very usefull.