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  • I tried several plugins, but it is still the only one which clips searchable web page and retains its form as much as possible. I had high hopes for official MS plugin, but it is useless. It either creates snapshot of the page and looses search ability or breaks the page form (tables, etc.).
    On the other hand, this one does it right. Yes, it needs listener, but thats the only way to transfer data to local application. MS plugin needs your MS account, so I need to login with 2 step verification every time I start Firefox. Annoying, so listener is better solution in my opinion.
    The only problem is that it looks that developer stopped developing it and latest version is not multiprocess compatible, which is serious drawback.
    Please, continue to develop it. It is still the best plugin for One Note.
  • Not only does it need you to install a listener, but the page that tells you that has the words "download it here." and there is no link to do so.
  • No listener please.
  • doesn't work without an additional installation of a "listener" that's external to firefox. immediate removal. total waste of time
  • No longer seems to work on Firefox 40.
  • If this worked with the OneNote website it might be useful. But this version requires a MSWin "listener" utility, and the "legacy" version requires the OneNote.exe file location. Therefore useless to OSX and Linux users.
  • Sorry but this is absolute rubbish!!
    For users with OneNote client installed, we just need something to pass the web page to the client directly. For the use of onenote.com, there is a direct API that can be used.


    Immediately deleted.

    I understand from the developers comments that there is a "Legacy" version - to me this implies a version that is no longer under active development or use & therefore is not something that I'd want to commit to.

    UPDATE: Thanks to the dev for replying to me. However, the constant recommendation to use a "legacy" addon is not comforting I'm afraid which is what I said above. The solution IS rubbish sadly since there is no need for another piece of software to be running on my PC with all the possible stability and security issues it could bring.

    Instead, I've added the "Clip to OneNote" bookmarklet from Microsoft. Although not perfect, it works without additional software installation.
  • Just to experiment, I installed the third party app and ran the add-on. It worked well. But I had to keep one more program running just so that I could occassionally send a page to OneNote. Not worth it. So installed the legacy edition which worked just fine.

    I suggest you either get Java replaced with C++ (it's been over a year that you have been promising this) or you put your effort into maintaining and updating the legacy edition. When you make up your mind which way you wish to go, I will contribute to your effort.
    I am sorry, But I have replaced Java with C++ long back. Please do check again. (If you found reference to c++ somewhere, please do let me know, I might have missed updating it there)
  • anyway, it might be a useful addon, so 4 stars. (windows only -1, third party software needed -2)
    Please try Legacy Edition. It doesn't need extra software to work. It is available here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/clip-to-onenote-legacy-edition/
  • Seriously? You want me download a "listener" to actually make the add on work. Sorry, I thought that was THE PURPOSE of an addon. Wasted a whole 10 minutes of my life on this crap.
    Please try Legacy Edition. It doesn't need a listener to work. It is available here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/clip-to-onenote-legacy-edition/ (Also in the future, before downloading please read the description, it will help you save "a whole 10 minutes of your life")
  • It uses additional software on windows by the same name to link the browser to onenote. The link to install it shows up in an error message the first time you use it, and once you have it installed with the settings for what notebook you want to clip into set, it seems to work perfectly - I'd say it's worth the trouble - great work with the programming
  • First of all, many THANKS to the developer, who makes the firefox community works, without your contribution, I can only use IE for onenote's sake....

    Secondly, I have to regretably point out this extension doesn't work since the update, not sure if it's in conflict with the other add-ons or? (the legacy edition has conflict issue with the "menu editor" addon, thanks for putting the legacy edition up nonetheless).

    Having said that, I'm still looking forward to the next update, hopefully it'll work wonders like before.
    Can you please give more detail on what is not working, so that I can try to fix it?
  • Went back to the old version. First, a plugin update shouldn't require so much work to get it to work. People just update, often times thinking it should take a couple of minutes at worst. Since this is for onenote, there is a good bet that people are at work. So again, nothing drastic should happen.

    Work places have rules, lock ports, etc. There was evidently a move to java for apparently no reason. This involves doing things that one's workplace may not allow. Also, while I love Java, I don't let anything run java, or flash, or silverlight, without knowing specifically why (thank you noscript for making this easier).

    Security isn't so much about the tools but knowing what you are doing.

    The move to java makes me suspicious to say the least. I don't see how it improves on the advertised reason for this addon so it must be something behind the scenes going on.
    The plugin doesn't require Java to work. The listener does. There is nothing in the Firefox that requires java to work. So even if u have disabled Java in your Firefox, this plugin will work.
  • 真是令人作呕的东西!为了让它能够工作,我必须再装一个侦听软件!而为了让这个侦听软件能够工作,我还要再装个JAVA!无法想像,该作者的大脑沟回是什么样子的?也许是一团乱麻那样!一时不慎装了这么个恶心东西,这根本就是在污染我的系统和用户配置文件!
  • Die vorherige Version ist einwandfrei besser, da ein Addon reicht, um vernünftig zu arbeiten..
    Ich habe wieder die Version 3.2.2 installiert
    If you want to stay with the older version you can always use legacy edition (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/clip-to-onenote-legacy-edition/). Link is also available in the description.

  • I, too, uninstalled Java due to security considerations and now to use this extension am back to Java. In addition, another program (Listener) needs to run. What was wrong with the previous version that all this other stuff is now required? I do research for someone and found using Evernote Clearly was a clean way to scrape articles without all the extra stuff found on page. In combination with Clip to OneNote the transferred text was clean and nicely formatted. Using Cleary now with Clip, Clip brings in a mess of hidden Evernote instructions that are not a part of the article. More cleanup. When did this get update? How can I go back to version 3.3.2? Would a system restore bring me back to that version? I am very disappointed in this update. Addition to original post: Thanks to those who reviewed previously, I was able to find version 3.3.2. Java is now uninstalled, the Listener is gone, Clearly works as before and have since unchecked automatic updates. As a software developer myself (25 years), one of the goals in upgrades should be to streamline and make changes that are less cumbersome to use. This latest revision should be reconsider.

    I am in the process of converting Java listener to c++.

    In the mean time, If you want to stay with the older version you can always use legacy edition (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/clip-to-onenote-legacy-edition/). Link is also available in the description.

  • Just so as we're clear regarding a charge for Bring To OneNote, direct from the developer, "Hi, Dermot, No charge for the extension only.
    Thank you.

    Also my original negative review which was neither inaccurate nor rude, seems to have been removed!
    Hi please read the guidelines at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/review_guide I do not have permission to delete a review. It might have been done by the add-on admins. I am not one of them.Secondly you stated that our negative review was neither inaccurate nor rude. I respectfully disagree. It was point blank rude. And as per review guidelines 1 star can be given if the add-on is either doesn't work correctly or is utterly useless. So yes it is inaccurate too.Sorry you feel that way and i did create a legacy edition for people who want to stay with the older version: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/clip-to-onenote-legacy-edition/
  • You had a fantastic tool until you required java. For what functionality? Your product was awesome before java. It simply worked perfectly. Now it still may work but you opened up your user base to all sorts of nasty zero day attacks by requiring java. I personally uninstalled java from my machine after research the exploit potential months ago. Can you please post a version the does NOT require Java. I downloaded the older version of your software which is fantastic. It must have an auto update built in because on reboot it updates to the latest from Version 3.3.2.

    So to be clear Version 3.3.2. = 5 stars. The new version 1 to 2 stars solely because of the java requirement. Take Java out I will give you 5 stars.

    If you don't believe me google java exploit.

    "Apple Breached by Facebook Hackers Using Java Exploit"


    "Warning: Java Exploit Potentially Affecting More Than 850 Million Computers"

    Hi i am in the process of converting Java listener to c++.

    In the mean time, If you want to stay with the older version you can always use legacy edition (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/clip-to-onenote-legacy-edition/). Link is also available in the description.

  • Yes this update is a bit fiddly to set up, but clearer documentation would solve that. I think dermotdvr may be a bit surprised when he finds he has to to pay $10 for Bring To One Note. I think this is excellent value.
  • Quiz: How many users do read the update notes each time BEFORE they let Firefox update their add-on installations?

    You might ask why I am asking this question. It is about something that is known as “social engineering” …

    I think of AMO automated updates that this feature shall bring me versions of well-known and familiar add-ons. If an add-on is not functional after such update, quick ‘repair’ is what we all want, if we are frequently using such item.

    Fast ‘up and running again’ in your case means reading your instructions, installing an additional (!) component which is NOT hosted at AMO (why?) and it makes use of Java … Java?

    Wait a minute! Weren’t there security bulletins recently about why and how to disable Java because of serious security problems including that these possible attack vectors are frequently used by malware which have already let to successful attacks even against well-known businesses?

    So while your efforts to deliver useful add-on-functionality might be worth 5 stars ...

    Java engine developers seem at this time to be in something that might be looked at something like a continuous flow of fixing security holes. Currently security experts advice users to disable Java plugins FOR ALL BROWSERS or even to uninstall Java completely.

    By the design of AMO automated updates for Firefox add-ons there is no dialog which informs me beforehand that a new version suddenly needs additional software installed to be functional.

    Especially because of Firefox fast paced version renumbering there are quite frequently version compatibility updates for add-ons which leads quite often to new add-on versions … (which may be a reason not to read every and each add-on update note?).

    Now there is one new “version” of an add-on which is not functional right of the box. In my opinion a new version being delivered via auto-update should not need user intervention to be functional via this path (this means inconvenience). New requirements in my opinion might be better suited on a new add-on page of AMO e.g.?

    More seriously about this special update here is that users are asked to install a non AMO hosted add-on and to make use of Java which at first glance seem to be contradicting concurrent security advices.

    So you want users to install or activate Java functionality in conjunction with browsers (at first glance) against the advice of security experts, at least without giving information to users about the current presence of known and important security concerns about Java? And there are no statements about whether the Java plugin for Mozilla browser has to be activated in order to give Java functionality to your add-ons. Well, this might be worth 2 stars?

    It might be looked at as negligence when you are not giving instructions on how users have to secure their Java installation or without giving them links to well established security sites where there is this type of instruction for everyone (everyone should really disable Java plugins and do so centrally).

    What bothers me much more is that there is an automated update which may bring users to install Java without being aware of the serious security problems which they might encounter because Java browser plugins are not disabled by default (which might even be contra productive for your add-ons?). And the process of how to disable really all means by which Java plugins might be activated is not just a one-click operation. So the common user might not only gain new functionality but also ‘gain’ already well known security problems?

    Above I mentioned “social engineering”. You might have decided to deliver your whole new functionality as a new add-on on AMO (for which you could have placed ads e.g. by delivering a updated add-on icon as new version feature of your ‘legacy’ add-on and show users this ad after post-update browser restart). An inconvenience for you but a way to do it secure by default?

    Users who are simply following your instruction might end up with non-deactivated Java browser plugins which may expose them to serious security problems? (And who does disable Java plugin ends up with non-functional add-ons of yours?)

    Because I am not able to foresee possible ‘side effects’ which may be caused by using Java together with fresh (unknown, new) non AMO hosted add-ons I will stay with version 3.3.2. ("legacy").
    Hi i am in the process of converting Java listener to c++.

    In the mean time, If you want to stay with the older version you can always use legacy edition (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/clip-to-onenote-legacy-edition/). Link is also available in the description.

  • Works beautifully - well done. Thanks.
  • I am able to clip into current note unlike the previous reviewer. Check the settings/preferences in the add-on.
  • It is a good tool, however, it lacks the same functionality as the IE9/OneNote combo: sending.. anything from IE to OneNote will create a new page.

    Regretfully that option seems not to be available.
    Instead one has to copy-paste the text into all separate OneNote sessions (for that reason the add-on obviously is named Clip to OneNote)

    Hopefully, one day, the developer will be able to put this option into his add-on.

    Keep up the good work!
  • This addon has become indispensable for internet research. However, after a time, "Clip To OneNote" loses its ability to include most or all images from selected portions of a great many webpages. The addon must be uninstalled and re-installed to regain that feature.

    It addition, "Clip To OneNote," after re-installation, remembers my settings from the previous installation: It is not removing that information as it--and all addons--should upon being uninstalled. An addon which does not remove its specific settings or other information leaves useless garbage within Firefox, contributing to needless bloat, degraded performance, and, perhaps, creates a Privacy/Security threat.

    My setup: Pale Moon Version: 15.1.1, (fork of Firefox), MS Office OneNote 2010 (14.0.6022.100) SP1 MSO (14.0.6023.100)
  • This is an excellent add on - my must have I prefer oneNote to evernote Well done!!
    I use it for everything